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Experience Toronto While Staying At The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel, a boutique hotel in downtown Toronto, is a hot-bed of culture. The Drake Hotel opened over a hundred years ago by the name D.A. Smalls Hotel. Over the years, it has been owned and changed by many names. Finally in 1949, it received its name by Micheal Lundy. And this time, it was not only a hotel but expanded into a boutique and a restaurant.

Toronto is one of the best and well-known cities in Canada. Not only is it a wonderful city, but it also is the home to many renowned sites. As expected, there is hardly a dull moment when visiting Toronto.The Drake Hotel is veritably one of these sites. The Drake, a boutique hotel, is also one of the top rated restaurants in Toronto. The Drake Hotel has become a Toronto staple. So why is this hotel so famous? This is because it is not only a part of history, but is also one of the best places for food, shopping and leisure.


When staying at The Drake, the rooms come in different selections such as: Solo, Salon, Crash Pad, Den, Studio and Suite. Rooms vary in size – from small to roomy to friendly. When it comes to eating at The Drake, you cannot go wrong. You can enjoy food at the Corner Cafe, which offers the best in baked goods and coffee. Another great spot is Sky Yard, which offers a nice hangout for friends and drinks. Room 22 is a great spot for drinks and parties. The Drake Hotel offers live music every week by many local performers and DJs right in the comfort of the hotel. This is also one of the best places to hold events like weddings, meeting and parties in the city.


The Drake offers some unique shopping experiences at the General Store. Exquisite finds imported from different corners of the world, as well as vintage finds can be found here. You are sure to find something, whether it’s a kid’s toy or even housewares, that would make great gifts. So if you’re looking for a great getaway in Canada come to Drake Hotel and experience the best of Toronto.

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Francis Jodden is an urban tourism & culture expert who writes about urban cultural hotspots in Canada and abroad. Francis recommends the cultural hotspot that is The Drake Hotel, especially for live music in Toronto. Visit for more information and for upcoming shows!

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