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The Four Best Hostel Stay of Women Travelers

Safety is not the only factor that a woman traveling alone should consider. There are several other considerations lurk at the back of their mind. Most women try to find out the right accommodation before reaching their destination. Searching for accommodation in a new place is a tall task for a solo woman tourist. If you have already tried doing it, you might have met people trying to offer help even if you do not want it. Searching for a good accommodation with a huge backpack is quite tiring. So, it is good to have quality information about some good hostels handy. They are not too expensive and most importantly, you will find many women guests there to socialize with. So, check out the best hostels you can be in, while traveling cities like, Rome, Miami, London or New York City.

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Rome: If safety is the concern at the back of your mind, Papaya Female Youth Hostel is the right place to be in. Women travellers can choose the dorms for 4 to 6 people. Every guest gets her personal locker to keep her belongings. Selecting a private room can be a good option if you are more like a private person. You will get the benefit of luggage storage system before checking-in and after checking-out. All the rooms are cozy, clean and beautifully decorated. The added advantages are the Wi-Fi connections and free internet service.

London: Apart from the clean rooms and soft beds, the all women hostel St Christopher’s Orient Espresso also offers you an amazing ambiance created by scented hallways. This hostel knows what it takes to cater to women properly. You do not need to carry hair dryers and other skin care elements as all of them are offered to the guests by the hostel authority, which means doing away with extra luggage. You will be able to begin your day with a free cappuccino every morning.

New York City: Guests can opt for air-conditioned dorms. Jazz on Amsterdam Avenue hostel has been built recently. So, you get a chance to enjoy a plethora of modern facilities during your stay. If you want to stay near some of the good restaurants, bars, this is the right place for you. The splash of colors in the happening d├ęcor style will surely impress you. The roof deck and the lounge are the best places for socializing with other guests in the hostel or spending some leisure time with a foam topped beer-mug.

Miami: The Miami Hostel at South Beach is the best place to stay for girls looking for a beach vacation. Apart from the free lunch and dinner, the guests get a chance to pamper themselves with body oils, moisturizers offered to all the guests for free. The game of poker and movie nights are special attractions for women who do not enjoy going out much.

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