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Pony Trekking Adventures in the UK

Pony trekking has grown in recent years due to its fun factor that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The UK is home to some great pony trekking sites that have been enjoyed by travellers from all over the world.

A UK pony trekking adventure would simply be incomplete without a visit to the renowned Hyde Park Stables. This must-visit riding site offers exclusive riding lessons not only to adults but children as well. Hyde Park Stables is perfect for beginners, happily taking visitors of all ages who are not familiar with horse riding. Ponies as well as horses are carefully chosen and allocated to the visitors keeping in mind various essential parameters, such as the rider’s experience and capability, and the beast’s temperament so that a high degree of safety is ensured. It is possible to visit Hyde Park stables any time of the year, and make the most of its bridleways and arenas.


There are some amazing pony-riding sites near London, as well. If your family is staying in London for the weekend, it can be a great idea to stay in a hotel near the parks, which allows for a quick travel time to quieter stables in the country, whilst still offering a return to the fast-paced city. The Peak District National Park of Buxton, the great white cliffs in Dover and Tunbridge Wells of Kent are some of the best pony trekking destinations that can be easily reached from London.

In the New Forest, Hampshire, resides the much talked about New Forest ponies, which are well-known for their strength, confidence and impressive suitability for riding and trekking. These ‘architects of the forest’ not only serve as the most beloved companions for the local farmers, but also provide great trekking adventures to the tourists and are a great way to explore the natural beauty of the New Forest. The beautiful countryside is sure to take anyone’s breath away and while some pony trekkers feel tempted to opt for accommodation in the countryside, it is recommended to stay in a New Forest hotel near the stables for greater comfort and convenience.

The Black mountains of Wales are another great option if you’re looking for an unforgettable Pony trekking adventure in the UK. These exquisite mountains are suitable for both experienced as well as novice pony trekkers. Visitors can relish the natural wilderness, spectacular landscapes, small, quaint villages and farmhouses and scrumptious pub meals along the way. The UK with its great topological diversity and sure-footed ponies is any pony-trekker’s haven.

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