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Sicilia: Mediterranean Romance for the Single Girl

Old cities and architectures are much capable of taking you back to its ancient past. They invite you to time travel with them and engulf you mind’s imaginations and fantasies. I had always this thing for old palaces, castles, cities, churches and abbeys thriving in the realms of the past. The history is still enclosed in the hearts of these huge constructions and vast landscapes.

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Not an antisocial myself and traveling in large groups have its own perks. Italy has always been the ideal place where lovers devoured on the warmth and blossomed in togetherness.  However, I am enamored by the indulgence of traveling alone and it did ring a bell for me. Soaking in every flavor of the city, without any of the romantic deviations, it’s a pure love affair in itself. I believe no girl can ever resist some narcissistic pleasures (unless you are complete knuckle head). Reading through this travel story recently I was hypnotized and I read ahead. All I could say is that “I am in!”

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Rome is charming with a serene beauty of its own. Filled with its old worldly relics and rich mythical character. According to the author, her love began during her stay at the at the Monacci delle Terre Nere as referred in the Architectural Digest. This hotel is situated along the slopes of Mount Etna near the city of Zafferana, with this breath taking views of the sea on its one side and the Mt. Etna on the other. Its owner Guido Coffa gave up his career as an engineering to renovate this monastery that was built in the 1800s. Its renovation work took about five years and on its completion it was transformed into this welcoming and gorgeous space.

The evening  social gatherings, of local people and guests at the main reception room about the warm fire place was complete with appetizers wine and snacks, like local cheeses and honey spread in bounty. It was the perfect spot to unwind in front of a massive fireplace with wines from Etna and the delicious snacks. Long, no holds bar conversations on politics, sex, and religion. As the author explains, “Those topics pretty much dominated the conversation. Nobody cared or asked why I was alone.”

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The frequently erupting active volcanoes of Mt. Etna, shooting lava into the air was much like a live fireworks show. The rugged adventures along side the romantic frills of le cucine italiane, made the experience deeply penetrating. All of the details left me yearning with curiosity, to explore this intriguing Roman Province of Sicilia.

“Sicily is one of those mythical, romantic islands that’s best experienced with a lover, right? Nonsense. You can go there alone and have a love affair with the island itself. It’s just another Mediterranean romance.”- Arlene Gibbs

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