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Top Five Ethical Destinations In The World

Some places are known for the food, some for weather, while some others are known for their picturesque locales and lively community life. There are yet other places that have a combination of all of these. These countries have preserved their environment, paid attention to human rights and civil rights, and have maintained law and order. Here is a list of fie of the most ethical countries in the world.


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This Caribbean island may look peaceful and soporific on the exterior, but its streets and alleyways are teeming with life and activity. Apart from the flying fish, rum and beach tans, visitors can also opt for forest hikes and island safaris. An interesting nature trial might just help visitors to spot the famed Barbados Green Monkeys, and also see their national flower, the fiery yellow-and-red Dwarf Poinciana. The wonderful balance of the beach and forest, along with the food and helpful inhabitants makes Barbados one of the most ethical countries in the world.

Costa Rica

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Aptly titled as Costa Rica, or the Coast of Riches, the waters of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans lap the shores of this Latin American country. The best part is that visitors can travel from one coast to another in a car in three hours time, or simply travel by air in less than an hour. Apart from its beautiful beaches that are very famous for surfing activities, Costa Rica also boasts of its rich biodiversity, as it supports almost 4% of the world’s plant species and wildlife. The country is also famed for its laws for preserving the environment, as it implemented measures to ban shark-finning. With the government’s attention to citizen welfare, there has also been a steep plunge in the crime rate in this coastal country.


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The Land Of Sunshine, or Ghana, is reputed as the friendliest country in Africa. This country has a stable democracy, free and fair elections, and a President who makes environment-friendly policies. The press also enjoys freedom in this country and there are no gags imposed on the media to thwart the circulation of news and information. There are laws that have been implemented to protect almost 15% of the country’s wildlife and natural environment. Ghana is a country that is “closest to the center of the earth” as the notional center of the earth is located only 614 kilometers away in the Atlantic Ocean. It has a coast line, high plains and low plains ans also a plateau region to the north. The native culture of music and dance has been wonderfully preserved.


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This Northern European country situated by the Baltic Sea has a well preserved economy, history, and scenic beauty. The country allows freedom to the press and does not practice any forms of censorship. It also boasts of gender equality. Apart from this, the various cities of this country like Riga, the capital, Cesis, Talsi and Sigulda are important tourist attractions. The country has Baltic beaches, forests, national parks, birding hotspots and rivers. Ecotourism is famous in Latvia, and tourists can enjoy hiking trials, and beautiful wildlife sights like the rare European bison. Architectural and history enthusiasts can also see the ancient war sites and remains of Soviet bunkers.


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This Polynesian group of islands located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean is an interesting place for scuba divers, surfers and deep-sea anglers. This place is famous for its beautiful coral reefs, beautiful and tranquil coasts, beautiful valleys and both dormant and active volcanoes. The islands are also filled with lush green equatorial forests. In spite of having been dominated and ruled by Europeans at one point of time, Samoan people have managed to preserve and hold on to their unique culture and tradition. Increased governmental vigilance has led to a marked improvement in the law and order conditions in this island group.

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