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Taking Travel Photos – Ways to make them Perfect

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Take out the photo-album of the last vacation you took with your family or friends. As you attentively flip through the pages, you will find that most of the photos are either close imitations of the postcards you saw getting sold outside the airport, or those typical group photos with smiling faces huddled together.

So the next time you travel, think outside the “group” and the “postcard”. To make travel photos perfect, focus on the experiences you had – the stories and the memories. Try to take the snapshot of what your heart is feeling, rather than what your eyes are seeing.

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Let us now focus on some intrinsic details which you should keep in mind while taking travel photos:

#1. Include Locals in the Frame: Seize a piece of life of the place you visit. And there is no better way to do it than including the local people in your frame. Observe their activities – from buying daily newspapers to taking their dogs out for a walk. Something remotely interesting is bound to happen for you to press the shutter.

#2. Get Closer: Get closer to the subject whenever possible. If it is not, make good use of the ‘zoom’ button. The more you get closer to your subject, the more vivid and compelling moments are going to get captured.

#3. Use the Flash wisely: Do not be crazy; the flash just lights about 10 feet. Do not waste the battery by taking photos of a distant landscape with the flash on. Rather, use it on a sunny day in order to remove shadow effects from faces.

#4. Divide the Frame into Three Sections: Avoid keeping the main subject at the center of the frame. For best effects, mentally divide the frame into three sections. Try to place it either on the right or left section – preferably on the side which has least background interest.

#5. Devour the Local Cuisine: Visit a local restaurant and order the most famous local dishes. While you wait for your order, take snaps of the surrounding people gorging on food (do not use the flash obviously). Once your plate arrives, quickly take a snap of the dishes, keep the camera aside and enjoy the meal.

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