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10 Travel tips to keep in mind while visiting Jim Corbett

10 Travel tips to keep in mind while visiting Jim Corbett

Got your vacations coming up and you want a memorable trip with your college friends? Are you fed up with your boring life, which is stuck between office and home?  Or is your kid constantly poking you for an outdoor experience.

No matter which age group you belong to, every now and then we need some escape through from our daily routine. Then instead of getting stuck to your chair plan a trip to ease you.

Look at your hand does every finger are same? Exactly, like none of our fingers match others so every individual has their own idea of a place to go to. We have brought you an awesome place, which is the perfect example of nature, wildlife, adventure and many more in an appropriate blend. It is the oldest park in India known to you by “Jim Corbett national park”. So, just go and book your trip before the slot ends.

All about the Jim Corbett National Park

From Hailey National Park to Ramganga National Park and further to Corbett National Park, this park has changed its name but never lost its attraction and popularity and is India’s oldest national park. This park is situated in Nainital district of Uttarakhand.

Although this park was basically build to save endangered Bengal tiger but now it hosts 586 species of birds and thousands of different animals including tigers, elephants, deer species and many different animals which will bring you closer to the mother nature. Just watching these animals and an opportunity to spend some time between will definitely amaze you and will provide a new spirit for your day-to-day life. Therefore, here are few points listed below to keep in mind while traveling to the park.

Important Travel Tips to keep in mind before heading towards Jim Corbett National Park-

The best time to visit

Well if you do not want to return disheartened, from the gate of the park, then while making your plans to visit this national park, just remember that it remains closed for a period of 4 months i.e. July to October. Also, there are different segments of time period for this park to welcome tourists. The park remains open from November to June months.

  • The Jhirna zone remains open for the whole year.
  • The Birjani zone of the park can be visited from mid of October to mid of June.
  • 15th November to mid-June is the period in which one can visit Dhikala zone

How you can reach the park?

The Jim Corbett park is situated in Uttarakhand and is known to be the major tourist attraction in this area. For the tourists and visitors coming from different areas, there are different ways to reach the destination:

  • Ramnagar is the town which stands as the closest destination from the park. This area is appropriately connected to Lucknow, Nainital, Delhi, Ranikhet, Haridwar and Dehradun, via road.
  • Most popular road connections and distance:
    • From New Delhi, it takes 265kms to reach Jim Corbett park
    • Approximately 145Kms are calculated between the park and Lucknow
    • Nainital and Jim Corbett National Park stands 66Kms away from each other
    • Ranikhet is 112kms away
  • Via Flight: If you wish to connect to the destination via flight, you are supposed to get down at Phoolbagh, Pantnagar Airport which is about 50kms away from your destination. Also, IGI Airport (Delhi) is 295kms away from the park. So, there are no ordeals faced while reaching the park. Moreover, if you want to tackle down an easy booking, avail the online MakeMyTrip flight offers to get maximum benefits.
  • Ramnagar railway station is 12kms away from Jim Corbett which might also facilitate the travel.

Do not forget your Camera:

Don’t you think that after sometime, when you return to your daily routine and think about the experiences you encountered in any trip, should be relished again? In order to make it possible do not forget to carry a good camera while you make your way to Jim Corbett. Capture every moment of beauty & charisma of the wildlife, with your family. Each one of us are working hard for that one Bucket List or Wishlist. Let no chance of filling your scrapbook with amazing instances go!

Alert! No Music

If you are visiting a national park then you are supposed to engulf yourself into the wonders of nature, quietly observe and admire the way the wildlife is sustaining, creatures living in their natural habitat and the melodious sound of the wildlife. Hence, you are not allowed to play any kind of music or any make any kind of sound, which may disturb the animals and derogate the rules of the park.

Permission is always required:

There are four zones in the national park namely Dhikala, Bijrani, Sonanadi and Durga Devi zone. Every zone requires an official permit granted by the concerned authorities. Only after presenting the permit, you will be allowed to enter that particular zone. Keep in mind that these areas are governed in an organized way and any kind of hinderance will be charged with penalties.

No loitering- Carry your Litter Bags:

You are visiting a wildlife, a habitat which is the house of numerous animals. Like you are supposed to keep your surroundings neat and clean, you must keep their habitat clean too. The Tourists entering the park and, on the safari, must keep a litter bag handy with themselves. Every non-biodegradable waste should be disposed in these bags only and should not be loitered inside the park. In this way, the wildlife will not be tampered by your waste.

Shades that blend- Appropriate selection of Clothes:

Since you are going in the wild, it will be perfect if you wear shades of green and brown to blend in. The Night and Morning drives in the park are very chilled and carrying a pair of gloves, muffler and comfortable shoes for your safari is a must. On the other hand, the days are sunny so a single upper layer would be enough. Avoid the use of any deodorant, perfumes or colognes because the scents will attract the animals that might harm you.

Make your Children learn & perceive:

This park provides an astounding experience for children and helps them get closer to the Mother Nature. Although, one should avoid taking newborns and infants to the park because they might run in the park and cause chaos. The unexpected sound can excite the animals and may disturb them in turn. It is advisory to take only children above the age of 6 to 7 year.

The food and eateries:

There are canteens available for the tourists at different sites like Bijrani, Dhikla, and Gairal. Tourists are provided with ration and crockery items to cook their own meal at other parts of the park where canteen facility is not available. However, non-vegetarian food, alcohol, tobacco, and cigarettes are not allowed in the park. So, if you wish to calm your hunger from the park, you can visit the canteens but site cooking is considered better & fun to do.

Guide & Museum: With every vehicle on the safari, it is compulsory to carry nature guide. These trained nature guides are available inside the park, who will assist your visit by making the most of it and will help you to enjoy to its fullest with ease.

Accommodation: Visitors can only book a room for straight two days and electricity will be available only in Dhikla. Any activity related fire along with campfire is strictly prohibited and violation of any rule will be punishable.



Jim Corbett National Park is an awesome place to visit if you want to know about nature and observe wildlife closely by becoming a part of it. But this park is not only associated with wildlife there are different activities too like River Rafting, Fishing and wildlife photography which will make your visit memorable. It is anyway one of the most visited places in India. Go explore the wilds of Jim Corbett national park and feed the explorers inside you.






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