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Choose a Scottish Island to go on Holiday?

For centuries, holidaymakers have traveled to Scotland and its many isles to experience the sheer beauty and serenity. Hidden in plain sight, these remote Scottish isles boast some of the best-kept secrets in the world of relaxing vacations. The Isle of Mull is breathtakingly rich in wildlife and cultural gems, and whether browsing the town of Tobermory or whale-watching amid the surf, you are sure to never be bored! Mull is the second largest island of the Inner Hebrides, dwarfed only by the Isle of Skye, and it is an incredibly soothing holiday location.

Many holidaying families overlook the possibility of a holiday to the Scottish Isles, which is a shame considering its quality and convenience. It is only a short trip for residents of Europe and the UK, though should be considered by holidaymakers worldwide as its natural magnificence can hold its own against scenery the world over.


Mull Highlands. Trek Earth.

If, like many other families, you believe that there is more to a holiday than upmarket hotels, room service and shopping, then you will relish a visit to these Scottish treasures. From wildlife enthusiasts to those seeking a spiritual calm, isles such as Mull offer the perfect solution. Engage in family activities such as windsurfing, cycling and hiking, kick back on the perfect white beaches, and savor the effect of Mull in all of its intimate beauty. Over-popularized sensations of global getaways pale in comparison to a self-catering Scottish holiday, which allows you to truly enjoy the local delicacies, cultural quirks and legendary hospitality of Scotland.

The Magic of Mull Isle

Mulll has a rich and rewarding history, like any other Scottish Isle, and has been inhabited for over eight thousand years since the dawn of the Bronze Age. Artefacts of this era and those that followed can be seen in the fascinating selection of local museums, which chronicle the progression of Mull up until the present day. These historic records extend to the isle’s many castles, prolific keeps such as the Duart and Torosay, which offer riveting views and have been used as locations for many blockbuster films.


Whale Watching in Mull. See Scotland Differently.

From pearl-white beaches to evergreen forestry, Mull offers a vibrant spectrum of natural wonder. The town of Dervaig boasts sightseeing cruises to Fingal’s cave, an incredible rock formation nested by incredible swarms of seabirds. Dive beneath the waves and immerse yourself in the marine world with one of the local scuba dive experience companies. Mull experiences as many whale and dolphin visits as any Scottish isle, and you can enjoy encounters with our phenomenal mammalian cousins through local touring groups such as See Scotland Differently.


Tobermory. Flickr.

The capital of Mull, a town named Tobermory, sits along the Western coast and features a delightful bay surrounded by brightly-painted buildings, which children will gleefully recognise from the popular TV show ‘Balamory.’ Visit the capital’s famed whiskey distillery, which is housed within the capital and offers unbeatable tasting tours. Motoring enthusiasts will love the annual Tour of Mull, a closed-road rally event which roars through the streets every October. The isle of Iona lies a short ferry ride away, on which Celtic Christianity was born, in majestic monasteries which have stood the test of time and now offer a fascinating experience for travellers.


Fingal’s Cave. Wild About Britain.

Finding your Way to Mull

Whether or not you plan to use your vehicle for your holiday, all possible routes to Mull involve the use of one of three ferries. From the port of Oban, holidaymakers are able to reach the destination of Criagnure. You can also rent some of the most beautiful cottages in Mull and take the family to one of the most stunning places in Britain. The ferry ride takes 45 minutes. Bookings, timetables and fares can be monitored at Caledonian MacBrayne.

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