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Dubai – A Perfect Destination to Utilize Your Great Vacation

For those toying with the idea of cheap and affordable vacation there is nothing that can beat Dubai. This attractive and exciting city is a treasure of surprises. As a blend of the east and west Dubai can give an authentic old Arab feel yet all the pulsating urban thrills of tall skyscrapers, trendy night life and fabulous malls.

So, how about an opportunity to visit Dubai and stay in its beautifully decorated Villas that too on the beach side and backed by all amenities? Vow… it is simply irresistible. Dubai villas are objects of aspiration giving both quality as well as value. There are hundreds of real estate consultants who can guide you in getting the right property to rent if you want to visit Dubai for a short stay.

Dubai, UAE. Burj Al Arab from above
Why Villas are Fascinating?
Dubai villas are meant for people accustomed to luxurious living. They are specially designed for that purpose only. The villas are ideal for business meetings. Villa suits those with more family members and likes to enjoy a fabulous stay in the city. Dubai’s best villas can be found in these places…

  • The Palm Islands
  • Springs
  • Jumeirah
  • Emirates Hills
  • Meadows
  • Arabian Ranches

Attractive Features
The attractive features of Dubai villas are

  • Master bedroom
  • Garden
  • Airy balconies
  • Covered car parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Free housekeeping.

Of these locations, Arabian Ranches villas are special for their value near key ring roads leading to Abu Dhabi. While the villas in Arabian Ranches are built according to taste of top end Dubai villas those of Palm Islands are extraordinary given its fantastic beach view.

Renting is Easy
No matter the rent value being pricey in some seasons, overall, renting a property in Dubai is hassle-free, thanks to the liberal property laws. Dubai rentals offer both short term as well as long term solutions. Short term stay is availed by visitors, vacationers and businessmen. The duration of stay can be a few nights or even a month. In short term stay, the guests have to foot the bills on utilities and telecommunications.

Unlike short stay, a long term stay can only be enjoyed by proper visa holders who are entitled to reside in Dubai. The minimum period of stay is six months. For long stays, a legal contract is mandatory. To be signed between the tenant and the landlord, it conjoins the tenant to issue post-dated cheques to cover the rent for his entire duration of stay.

Affordable Stay in Dubai
Dubai has plenty of options in affordable accommodation. Gone were the days when travelling to Dubai was exciting but visitors had a tough time in getting suitable accommodation. A slew of luxury holiday apartments and service apartments are in Dubai to receive guests anytime.

Great Locations
The exciting thing about Dubai’s holiday apartment is that of the view of the Dubai skyline at night. If you are looking for a condominium of Hollywood style, do not forget to be at Dubai Marina. The Sheikh Zayed Road of Dubai is one of the finest districts in Dubai where you can get a great apartment that suits all your tastes. For studio apartments the International City’s Spanish Precinct is outstanding for their spectacular sea view.


Serviced Apartments
In Dubai eating out can be quite expensive for a visitor. Eating daily at first class restaurants will exhaust the wallet soon. With its self cooking options, a serviced apartment can solve your dilemma with its feel of a home away from home. In short, Dubai’s serviced apartments are superb in terms of security and safe environment.

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