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Enjoy the Autumn Sun, While Boating in The Canals of Europe

With the warmer weather in Europe, it’s a great time to get out and enjoy some much needed warmth in the autumn sun. So how can you go out and make the most of those school holidays and much-needed time off work? Why not hire a canal boat and start rowing while having nice time with the family members?

The canals are open this season for boating and this is the perfect opportunity to spend some moments in the sun with family and friends. You’ll find loads of people out to have a good time, but there is an easy way to beat the crowd and choose a comparatively quiet and serene place for having a good time. So which one is the best place to go? The following are just a few suggestions for a beautiful canal boating experience that won’t break the bank.

Boating in Belgium
It may not be the first option on everyone’s list, but it can always be! Did you know that Belgium even have gorgeous swimming beaches? Visit the Flanders region to explore its beautiful villages, fields and cobblestone streets, and then hang out in Nieuwpoort, where you can enjoy lazy days by the sea and have a couple of drinks at the lovely waterside pubs and restaurants.

Belgium is known for incredible chocolate and lace, but you’ll discover museums, charming markets, majestic wetlands and much more on your rowing vacation. Probably, the canals in Belgium will be the best places that will take you to the nooks and crannies of the most beautiful parts of different Belgian cities.

Canal du Midi in the city of Narbonne, France

France’s Canal Midi
France’s Canal Midi is very popular among the tourists to this country. This achingly beautiful destination won’t disappoint you and will leave you longing to return for sure.

The weather in the summer is perfect for swimming and enjoying water-sports. The cuisines and wines live up to their name in every sense of the word. View castles high up on hills, green pastures and sparkling waterfalls along the way, and don’t worry about the crowd as the river is wide enough to offer enough room to every boat.

LateBoat countess

The Grande Lago in Portugal
Have you ever considered floating around a beautiful lake and soaking up the hot sunshine in Portugal? If you’re looking for maximum enjoyment with minimum effort, this might just be the place for you and your group.

Mosey along, visiting each corner of the Grande Lago mooring wherever you feel like.

The lake’s crystal clear waters will surely tempt you to enjoy a relaxing session of swimming. Enjoy a sunbath on the deck of your boat and relax under a nice shade umbrella. The region is known for its mouth-watering, hearty cuisines and loads of places to stop by for an afternoon cocktail.

What’s great about a canal boating holiday is that they don’t have to be planned months in advance. So, if you’ve got a week off or just want to take advantage of a long week-end, you can still find a great deal in such vacations.

Author bio: Sonia Moran is a lover of boating and prides herself in finding the best last minute canal boat deals. She enjoys exploring new destinations and often blogs about her experiences.

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