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Holidaying in Jersey

One of the interesting things about Jersey is its beaches. Truly, you can feel the sand and the fresh sea breeze in these beautiful beaches. May be the words seem clichéd, but the small island has wonderful beaches that are worth visiting. You have to admit that the most beautiful among them is Plemont.

Located on the northwest corner of the island, it has sandy coves, waterfalls, sea caves and most importantly lovely clean sand. What makes this beach more special? During high tide the beach gets completely covered- it is a magic to explore. When the tide retreats, numerous pools are exposed and the children find real fun to play in that newly formed small water bodies. The waves are boisterous and swimming can be little risky. Instead, enjoy body surfing. If you are insistent and want to swim in the sea water, try it when the sea is calm. The surrounding cliffs offer a good shelter and have lavish cafes, parking facilities and lavatories.

What else is there in Jersey?

If you are wondering that the beaches are the only thing to see in Jersey….please forgive me saying, you are absolutely wrong. Some 100 miles away from Britain, Jersey is indeed more close to France but there is well blend of both the culture. An example can make it more clear- official language of the place is English and the cash machines dispense Sterling. Jokes apart, the 45 square miles island has an un-spoilt coastline, wealth of history, rocky grandeur, lush valleys, majestic cliffs, sandy beaches and what not. There are endless opportunities to discover the compelling and impressive.


Outstanding castles and hands-on museum enliven history of this place. There are adventure parks and rich wildlife. However, what you must include in your travel itinerary is the visit to beautiful gardens. If you are on the island during June in the Bloom Floral festival witness the vibrant colours of gardens and fields. The reputation of Jersey as “The Floral Island” will seem apt.

What activities to do in the island?

The island is full of activities enough to raise your adrenaline. Although, not the best, there are enough water sports in Jersey. As the water is clear, there is fantastic opportunity for scuba diving. The people of Jersey love sea and like to share their passion with the visitors as well. You will therefore, find endless sea-based activities.

As it is a small island, you can explore the entire span cycling. The vivid flora and fauna are great to witness from the saddle. It is impossible to leave aside the shopping when we are talking about Jersey. The island’s capital St Helier is a shopper’s paradise. The market place entwines village charm with city fashion. Bet on that, shopping will be a pleasure and you will also be successful to manage some low-tax bargains.

After the activity filled day, the night on the town can be equally exuberating. At St Helier there is a wide choice of cinemas, theatres, live music performances and clubs. You can peek into one of them and get carried away in the fun wave.

What about foods?

When the island has something to cater to every kind of visitors, how it can disappoint the gourmets? Good living and fine food of the town is widely acclaimed over the world. There are generous supply of sea foods and dairy products for which the island is popular. The local produces are finest and what is really impressive is the finest quality of food. You can enjoy the classic dishes in numerous restaurants located throughout the town.

Where to get the accommodation?

There are stunning fully equipped hotels in St Helier Jerseyfor a relaxing and comfortable holiday experience. You can check online and book in prior a suitable hotel room. Advance booking is a great idea, especially when you are interested to be a part of an event or festival to be held in the island.

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