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Best Things to Do in Playa de Papagayo

Best Things to Do in Playa de Papagayo

Visiting Lanzarote, you can visit one of its sandy beaches, the Playa de Papagayo. It is located inside the natural park of Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches. It is known as among the island’s most wonderful beaches. The bay is shaped like a horseshoe, and it is being surrounded by sea cliffs. Its sand is the color of pale gold. When it comes to watersports, snorkeling, and swimming, Playa de Papagayo comes on top of the list.

When you visit Playa de Papagayo, you can also explore the neighboring beaches that surround it. These are the Playa de la Cera, Playa de Afe, Playa Pozo, and the Playa de Mujeres. Collectively, these beaches are called the Papagayo beaches. They are linked together by a coastal walk. This begins from Punta de Papagayo all the way to Playa Blanca. It is renowned for its fine sand and warm, crystal clear waters. There are also so many exotic fish and other marine life that you can observe.

What You Need to Know

Playa de Papagayo is found in Lanzarote’s southern part of the coast. On its east is Playa Blanca which is a resort town. You can go there either by car or by bike. You also have the option to go there by boat. When using the beach road, there is a 3 euros surcharge. Also, the beach only has basic amenities, so it is best that you bring your own supplies, umbrellas, as well as deck chairs. You also have to be aware that a lot of the southern beaches are a favorite among nudists.


Taking the Costa de Papagayo Cruise

This activity is a great choice for families. It is packed with a lot of fun, and it takes about five hours, taking you to the wonderful beaches of Costa de Papagayo onboard a luxury catamaran. When you are having a break from your snorkeling and swimming, you can feast on your lunch which can be a paella and other seafood. For those who love a good drink, there is an open bar filled with soft drinks and a variety of alcoholic drinks.


There is an opportunity for you to bask in the sun or go kayaking so you can explore more. The catamaran drops its anchors for two hours so you can enjoy the beach and the waters.

Sailing to the Papagayo Beaches

If you want an even more stylish way to explore the Papagayo beaches, you can set sail. Make sure to put on a lot of sunscreen and prepare your bathing suits for a good swim. An air-conditioned coach will fetch you from your Lanzarote hotel and take you to Puerto del Carmen, there, the catamaran awaits you. When you are already onboard, you will be given a safety briefing while you are enjoying your welcome mojito and Spanish tapas.

Sailing begins shortly, and you will be on your way to the southernmost tip of Lanzarote. This is a one-hour cruise where you can enjoy the many facilities of the catamaran. Be sure to take full advantage of the open bar where you can have your drinks.


Arriving at the beaches of Costa de Papagayo, you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea. Lie on the beach or swim in the ocean. You can also snorkel or go kayaking. Before you set off to Puerto del Carmen, there is a paella lunch for you. After that, you can still swim or sunbathe a bit before you are taken back to your hotel in Lanzarote.

Ride a Fat Bike Across a National Park

There is a three-hour tour of fat bikes that can allow you to experience the National Park of Los Ajaches as well as the Papagayo beaches. A fat bike is a bike will supersized tires meant for any terrain. Don’t worry; these bikes are stable and lightweight. They can handle both soft and rough terrain. You won’t have any problem riding them.  

fast bikes

Ride along the trails and across the volcanic hills of the park. You will surely admire the many sceneries of the place. There are a lot of areas that are only accessible by bike so enjoy each moment. You can also race just along the sandy beaches of Papagayo.


This tour includes some refreshments as well as the bike and helmet that you’ll be using. The route for this tour is around ten to fifteen kilometers of pure fun as you ride along the slopes and the white sands of the beautiful Papagayo beaches.


To join the fat bike tour, go to the bike station which is located in Playa Blanca. There, you will meet the guide. The guide will take you to the starting point where you’ll be given instructions as well as a safety briefing.


These are just some of the activities that you can do while you’re in Playa de Papagayo. You can swim, dive, snorkel, or go kayaking to your heart’s content. When you want to relax after a good swim, the beaches are there for you, and you can easily sunbathe and have a great tan afterward. Just don’t forget to apply a lot of sunscreen to protect your skin from possible sunburn. When you feel that you want other activities away from the beach, remember that Playa de Papagayo is within a natural park so you can always explore the natural beauty of the place. You can explore the local flora and admire the sceneries while you’re on top of the hills.


Playa de Papagayo is a great place to visit either with your family, friends or just by yourself. If you’re going to travel alone, don’t worry as the locals are very friendly. You won’t have any difficulties meeting new friends there. There are also plenty of travelers who prefer to travel alone so you’ll undoubtedly meet a kindred spirit while you’re in Playa de Papagayo. If you’re with your family, everyone will have a great time, especially the kids. Playa de Papagayo is a beautiful place for everyone.


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