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Weekend Escape Location – Take One@ Taki – Bengal Tourism

Weekend Escape Location – Take One@ Taki – Video Walkthrough

To escape from the humdrum of daily life, sneak out a weekend on the borders of India, on the banks of Ichamati River in the small town of Taki. In West Bengal’s North 24 Parganas district, Taki is a municipality under the Basirhat subdivision. An extremely peaceful place to rest near the banks of river Ichhamati as well a nice place to go sightseeing, Taki is the place for weekends.

Things to do in Taki: Being close to our neighboring country Bangladesh, a boat ride on the waters of Ichamoti is an activity you surely cannot miss. Another boat ride to the Machranga Island is also a nice thing to be done here. Hire a van rickshaw and visit the Golpatar jungle. The experience of the newly made canopy jungle path walk inside the Golpatar jungle is unique and interesting. Remember to carry a photo identity proof if you want to visit the Golpatar jungle, as BSF will only let you enter the region if you have one.   While in Taki, you must try the famous sweet “chanar malpoa.” of this region.

Best time to visit Taki: Taki can be visited any time of the year. However, the most suitable time to visit Taki is during the winter season, especially due to the original jaggery or Patali Gur available there. Another time to visit, which is equally memorable, is to watch the Goddess Durga immersion following the Durga puja. This is a spectacular event in Taki as idols from both the countries are immersed on the waters of Ichamati together.


Author Abhishek Ganguli:

A call of the River….serenading with the sky….a rural rendezvous….about 73 kms north east of Kolkata….situated on the Banks of Icchamati….also known as the gateway to Mini Sunderbans….. TAKI….. A Small town, under Basirhat subdiv, N24 paraganas in West Bengal State.

Our Cameras Rolled -we went on Filming…as our mind…body & soul got refreshed…rejuvenated.

Learning System under its Travel @ Beyond Horizons presents TAKE ONE @ TAKI Written, shot, narrated & directed by: Abhishek Ganguli

Taki is a place to smell the true essence of rural Bengal. Flashback to Bengal’s bygone Golden Days…the murmurs of History. Taki was a land of old zamindars. The first zamindar was Krishna Das Roychoudhury, descendent of Birat Guha, one of the five kyasthas to move to Bengal from Kanauj.

Watch…experience…SHARE. Music for the film has been created by

Experimental Band *SROT…and Script Research by Namrata Mitra.

Edit & Styling by Mithun Adhikary

Starring Arunima Chumki Ganguli & Ranjan Basu as Travellers

About Srot

*The basic aim of SROT  – An experimental musical band ,is to stimulate the nervous system of human being with the wave of music.It is easily understandable from the name of SROT that, it’s effort is always like continuous and easy flow of current which matches with human impulse.
We never restrict ourselves to a particular type of vocal of music or to a particular field. Our approach is multidimensional.Our members are associated with Rajya Songeet Academy, East Zone Cultural Centre and they perform regularly in different TV channels,in various stages of Songeet Mela,Dumdum Mela,Bangur Utsav,Food festival etc.
We perform semi classicals, devotional songs,folk songs in different states and even in Bangladesh.We are regular performers of Bengali Theatre also. Arundhati Chaudhuri, Bivash Kundu and the other members of SROT are constantly doing research on the application and propagation of vocal music in different forms through simple soul touching techniques.
As SROT is very experimentative, Cinema For A Cause ,which always works for a noble mission and gives a platform to the upcoming talents ,selected it to make portions of the background score of Take ONE@ TAKI.
We recorded it only with the support of a Banjo and Tito (a small percussion  )at the Work Station of Cinema For A Cause in an unplugged manner.

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