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Top 10 Tips to Keep in Mind for a Travel-related Writeup

Everyone seems to be at it, travel writing that is! Travel blogs, reviews and articles abound on the Internet. In order to help you understand more about the intricate details of writing travel-related blogs or articles, I’ve brought together the top 10 tips from successful travel writers.


1. Read travel articles in papers, magazines or blogs and work out what really draws you into the writing. Try to find 3 or 4 phrases that create a real ‘pull’ and why that is. It could be the action, the descriptions or the humor.

2. Start your article in the middle, catapult the reader into an interesting moment and give it substance. Then you can fill in the details of the beginning of your story.

3. Most people are visually aware, so language that paints a picture is really compelling. Try closing your eyes and remembering, then describe the image or mind-movie you have. Colors are good as are shapes.

4. Use unusual adjectives (never the word ‘nice’), however be aware that they need to be used naturally.

5. Use the sense, and support the description of your picture or movie with noises, smells and feelings to give more depth.

6. Less is often more! Be disciplined, excessive words that clutter or pad out a review or piece put readers off.

7. Use quotes sparingly but they can be a good way to change the pace of your writing, or say something in a different way.

8. Use HUMOR but don’t try too hard. Some of the best travel writers have a style that makes you smile and laugh. Try to reflect your own personality in your writing.

9. Don’t use too many clichés – or if you like them, try to spread them out.

10. Practice makes perfect (with apologies for the cliché). Write and then write some more, many accomplished writers take years to be acknowledged as newcomers.

For more details, you can even check this link where travel writing workshops can be found.

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