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4 Picturesque Places that are a Photographer’s Delight


Photography is an important element of travel for almost all travelers. However, for many, it is the most important aspect based on which they decide where to go in their next vacation. These people are usually travel photographers or photography enthusiasts. Do you belong to this bunch of people? If yes, read on to find the names of some exotic, picturesque places that are simply loved by cameras, and so, would be loved by you.

1. Dingle Peninsula in Ireland:

Dingle Peninsula at County Kerry in Ireland is one of the places on the earth where natural beauty is in its fully glory. A section of land stretching to the west features the Slieve Mish range of mountains covered with clouds. You would find quaint villages, farms and rolling green fields here, making the place a very picturesque one. This place’s wild beauty has been featured in a few Hollywood films like Far and Away and Ryan’s Daughter.

 Dingle Peninsula

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2. Havana in Cuba:

Cuba makes a special place for photography owing to its wide variety of patinas and light, and the blend of various cultures coming down from different centuries. Cuba is one of the complicated lands, which you would find to be both ingenuous and sophisticated at the same time. The more you travel here, the more you would realize that you know it very less. You would always find something new to discover or re-evaluate here. If photographing culture is what you like to do, place this country in your list of places to visit.


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3. Southern Alps in New Zealand:

This place is really special. It’s a part of the “Tai Poutin” National Park, a Westland, which together with some other portions of the Fiordland and South Westland, is a UNESCO World Heritage Area. From here, you can have a look at New Zealand’s 2 of the greatest mountain peaks – Mount Tasman (3,497m) at left and Mount Cook (3,754m) at right. Only a few spots offer you the opportunity to capture the images of these two grand peaks adjacent to one another. Here, whichever direction you turn, you would view a spectacular scenery. The place is remote, pristine and wild, and you can also find a seal colony in close proximity.

Southern Alps

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4. Marrakesh in Morocco:

If you like photographing bustling cities and their culture, this is the place to go. In the evening, the “Djemaa El-Fna” market here sees a lot of activity. This market offers great photography opportunities to both travel photographers as well as food photographers. You can find a large number of food stalls in the market, where people from all around come to dine in the evening. You can also stroll along the stalls looking at the various stuff they sell, or watch the buskers. There are some cafes where you can get a great vantage for capturing all activities going on below.


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So, pack your bags and make sure your camera is in the finest condition. Plan a trip to one or more of these picturesque places, and capture some spectacular and breathtaking photographs.



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