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5 Reasons You Should Visit the Indonesian Jungle

5 Reasons You Should Visit the Indonesian Jungle

Narrated by Sebastian, a Photographer, currently living in a small village in the Indonesian Jungle.
Currently, I am for 5 weeks in the Indonesian Jungle near Mt. Ijen. It is a place that is not often visited by tourists, and when they do it is usually just for a night to discover the “Blue Fire” of said Mt. Ijen.

A lot of people have asked me why I stay there for such a long time and that there isn’t much to do, but the honest answer is, that it has been the best stay of my travel trip through SEA topping cities like Hanoi, Saigon or Jakarta. So here are 5 reasons why you should pursue such an adventure yourself.

1 Live like a local

I am in a homestay which means that I am living with a local family and they treat me like a family member. The hospitality is great and I have learned so much about the local culture, food, and customs that I wouldn’t have discovered any other way. Instead of just coming here for a day to visit them, I am part of their family and the small village community.

They are very interested to hear my stories – although only some of them do speak English – we do get along very well.

Indonesian Jungle Stories
Indonesian Jungle Stories

2 Living with nature

Coming from a big city like Berlin, I often feel stressed out about the environment. There is a lot of noise and everything feels very hectic. This can be the same if you like to travel to more known touristic places.

In a remote place like the area around Mt. Ijen, it gives you a feeling of relaxation that you probably can’t find anywhere else. The life is slower and it is good to leave the stress behind. Here you can find the time to think about a lot of stuff, or just enjoy a good book or listen to the music of the locals.

Indonesian Jungle Stories
Indonesian Jungle Stories

All that you hear at night are the sounds of the nature surrounding you and it lets you forget all the problems that might face at home.

3 Facing the Challenge

On the other hand, living in such a remote is not always calm and relaxed, there might be a few challenges that you have to overcome. For example, the roads are terrible and when going there with a scooter can be a real adventure.

But that is part of such a trip. It is not a resort where everything is served to you, but you have to solve problems yourself. So far everything has worked out. I learned to drive the scooter and am able to drive to the next town. The feeling of accomplishment is great and makes you feel like you conquer the jungle.

The locals are also willing to help you out if you are facing problems that you have no immediate solutions. So don’t be too scared, there is always a way.

4 Unique Experiences

When friends go to typical touristic places like Egypt, Turkey or Bali and stay at their hotel, you always hear the same stories about how their trip was. It might be interesting at first, but to me, it sounds very boring and not very exciting.

Indonesian Jungle Stories
Indonesian Jungle Stories

Living in a remote place, experiencing the authentic local life has a lot more to offer than the typical snorkeling or camel riding tours. Shortly after arriving I visited a traditional wedding that is a dying tradition and not very well documented. Apart from that, the village is surprisingly interested in Volleyball, playing almost every day. I would not have believed it but to see them practicing up in the mountains is a unique sight.

5 Memories of a lifetime

It is more an adventure than a full-service vacation. Sometimes it can be a bit tiring because you miss some of the luxuries that you know from a top hotel. But the friends that you make here and the stories that you are experiencing will never be forgotten.

The adventure will form your character and you will see things from a different perspective. Problems at home won’t stress you out that much anymore if you can survive such a jungle trip, then the challenges at home will suddenly look easy.”

Author Bio: Sebastian Jacobitz is a 29-year-old Photographer from Berlin currently traveling through Southeast Asia. You can follow his trip on his Street Photography Blog or on Facebook.

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