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5 Secret Items to Bring With You on Your Next Caribbean Cruise

5 Secret Items to Bring With You on Your Next Caribbean Cruise


A cruise around the Caribbean is a wonderful way to spend your vacation time and money, but you must pack properly for this trip. You are going on a cruise that will jet set you around one of the most beautiful areas in the world, but you do not want to leave home without all the things you need to make the trip grand. The five secret items on this list will ensure a lovely vacation for you and your family.

A Custom Bag

You should bring along a bag that you can customize to your needs. You will be on and off the boat often, and you will travel in many different ports of call held by many different nations. A custom bag will have secret compartments and may contain a safe place to keep your money. These custom bags, available from companies like Watts Bags, can be sized to meet your needs and designed in any color or pattern you want. Consider where you are going before designing your new bag.


Spare Documents

You must have spare copies of your travel documents with you at all times. Losing these documents could put a real damper on your vacation, but you can replace these documents with your spares almost immediately. Reporting the loss of these documents is much easier when you know you have spares waiting for you.

Extra Shoes

Your vacation will involve much more walking than you believe. You must have extra shoes to allow for a full rotation during your trip. Your shoes could get wet, dirty and uncomfortable at any time. Having extra shoes will allow you to change shoes in the same way you would change your clothes.

Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checkses are the most reliable monetary unit you can carry with you on a trip. They have become a secret in recent years because they are not advertised in the way they once were. Traveler’s checks can be replaced at any time and work just like cash in most ports. You can avoid carrying real cash by using traveler’s checks instead.

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Your cruise is not an indoor trip. You may imagine so much of your time will be spent inside the ship, but you will need a good deal of sunscreen. You have chances to lounge outside by the pool and walk around towns in every port. You might not be at the beach, but you can still get burned.

The five secret items listed above will make your cruise so much more enjoyable. Plan ahead to carry everything you need for your safety and security.

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