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5 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have In their Backpack

5 Things Every Mountain Biker Should Have In their Backpack

Mountain biking is an adventurous sports activity which demands amazing willpower and enormous stamina. If you are planning to venture deep into the woods alone always do homework first.  Get your backpack stocked with all necessary and useful tools which help you in odd situations like injuries and bike repair. Having tools in your backpack is not sufficient until you don’t know how to use them. A carefully planned trail ride can give you a safe and memorable experience. After going through biking gear reviews we are here with the list of 5 things which one must have in their backpack.

Here is the list of 5 things which you should have in your backpack gear while planning for a thrilling ride:

  1. Must have repairing kit

You never know when you need to repair your bike during a long trail ride. So always keep full repairing kit from major to minor tools for every kind of repair work. The basic tool this kit should comprise of 2 spare tubes, patch kit, multi-tool and tire levers. It is often when tires and tubes of your bike get pinched because of rough terrains, jumps and flat run-outs so always stock two spare tubes in your backpack. You can also use patch kit for a quick repair. Multi-tool is must as it serves many purposes and acquires less space in your bag. Always keep a separate tire lever as the built-in lever of multi-tool is not up to the mark.

  1. Eatables

Eatables or you can say fuel for your body is also mandatory to complete the ride easily. It’s important to stay hydrated during long rides so always prefer energy drinks for instant energy.

Keep energy drinks, energy bars, and gels in your backpack and put some extra rations in case the ride gets longer than expected. You can also keep real food and a water bottle. Many brands in the market offer a wide range of energy drinks and others in different flavors so one can also opt according to their taste.

  1. First-aid-kit

While biking you are always are at risk of getting injured as the trails are very rough. And in isolated areas, it will take time to get an emergency service. So, it sounds totally sensible if you are keeping a mini first- aid- kit for minor scratches and injuries. Always keep it in a waterproof pouch. In the market, a variety of mini kits are offered by leading brands which have bandages, tweezers, disinfecting wipes etc.

  1. Rain jacket

As weather condition can be unpredictable, especially in hilly forest areas, it can be worthwhile decision to stack a packable rain jacket in your backpack which keeps you dry and warm.

  1. Skincare pouch

According to biking gear reviews always keep a water-resistant pouch comprises of sunscreen, lip balm, and other important things like mobile and money in the backpack. Provide a proper shield to your skin from dust, sun, and rough weather with a great performance sunscreen having high SPF. Also, keep money and mobile in your protection pouch for emergency use. Fortunately, there are many brands which avail you with high SPF sunscreens and lip balms for dry environments.

Good luck!

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