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5 Unique and Awesome Family Holiday Destinations in Asia

5 Unique and Awesome Family Holiday Destinations in Asia

Finally, the sun is shining bright and high in the sky and the long, warm days of summers aren’t far. For families all over the world, summer time is fun time with lots of enjoyment, outdoor activities and definitely, a long awaited trip. So, where are you taking your family this summer? If you are done with all the European destinations along with other mainstream holiday locations, then this time, pick Asia. Asia is a place of diverse cultures, ethnicity, cuisine and people and a Family Vacation In Asia won’t disappoint you at all. From the ancient Chinese and Japanese culture to the serene beaches of Bali, Asia has something for everybody. And that is why the choice of destinations can leave you flabbergasted. Well, don’t worry as we have got you covered. Here, we have compiled a list of five unique and awesome family holiday destinations in Asia that you can include in your travel itinerary.

  1. Hong Kong

If you are searching for the best holiday destination when you are visiting Asia with your family that includes your little munchkins as well, Hong Kong is one of the cities that you should definitely not miss. With attractions like Ocean Park and Disneyland, Hong Kong would not only mesmerize the kids, but would make you fall in love with the city. While you are in Hong Kong, don’t miss the traditional Chinese food.

  1. Japan

The ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ is definitely a must visit family destinations as it presents a wonderful juxtaposition of present and past. The capital city of Tokyo is all about technology, anime and the uber modern lifestyle, whereas the ancient capital, Kyoto has some of the most beautiful temples and Zen gardens that offer a tranquility like nowhere else.


  1. Laos

Well, for most of the families, Laos is the last place that would pop up in mind when anybody is thinking about family holiday destinations. But Laos is one country where you can experience all the colors of Asia. While you are in Laos with your kids, take them to a light trek through the Hill Trails. And don’t forget to visit Kuang Si waterfalls of Luang Prabang.


  1. Bali

Also known as the paradise of Asia, Bali is one of those destinations that can simply break your heart with its sheer beauty. Bali has some of the most amazing beaches on the earth where you can relax the whole day. Moreover, there are several unexplored trails yet that you can discover with your kids. And one of the most important experiences that you shouldn’t miss are the Komodo Dragons of Komodo Island.


  1. Myanmar

If you are looking for some quality bonding time with your adult kids, then Myanmar is one of the best countries. Recently opened to tourism, Myanmar might lack the facilities of a luxury travel, but the beautiful, panoramic views and the temples that are scattered all around the lands of Myanmar is definitely worth a visit.

The bottom line is whenever you visit to the beautiful countries of Asia, you are welcomed by a delightful surprise, no matter where you go. Moreover, with so many things to offer, just one trip can suffice everything. So, get ready to have more such trips and get acquainted with the soul of Asia.



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