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Caffè Around the World that Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Holiday is all about spending time with your close ones. Spending time could mean just having each other for company in spite of doing your own things. Holiday is all about rejuvenating and taking a break from the daily chores of life. Holiday also implies indulging in some good food and being the shameless glutton that we all are, we need to keep a control in trying to maintain good health and an equally healthy diet in our daily activities. The list that follows takes us on a quick journey to some of the famous caffè thrown across the globe, the list stands tall only to help backpackers know about the places they must visit when they are in that particular city. Here’s the list, just peep into it:

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  • El Fishawy Coffee Shop – this caffè has been very popular and goes back a long way, as old as the 14th century Khan el Khalili bazaar. This smoky caffè offering iced teas and cappuccinos, dark coffee and mint teas – some of the popular choices of the place has people ardently visiting the place whenever they plan a holiday in Cairo, Egypt. The hookah pipes create a very hazy and dreamy ambiance, a perfect setting for people to let their hair down to enjoy their holiday.

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  • Central Kavehaz – a spot loved by the intellectuals because of its elegance that sets this place apart from the rest in Hungary. Standing tall and gathering all the attention since 1887 this place is famous for the guest list that it boasts of such as the national notables like Jozsef Kiss, the poet Geza Gyoni, Mihaly Babits and several others. The writers and other intellectuals are still celebrated in this caffè that is adorned with brass fixtures, high ceilings and larger than life windows giving you a peek into the outside world. Find yourself a corner, read your book, nibble on the confections that they offer with a sip of your favorite coffee. If you wish to experience bliss this is all that you need to do.
  • Antico Caffè Greco – if your signature style statement is being posh then this is the place where you need to be in. Upholstered chairs, waiters in well-fitted waist coats with bow, mirrors that throw a lot of light through reflection spicing up the ambiance for you. People consider this to be a must stop and often consider their ‘Roman’ holiday incomplete without a visit to this place.

These three spots are some of the most popular places and planning a holiday trip to these cities would be incomplete without visiting these places, sipping their steaming cup of coffee and nibbling on their popular delicacies that they offer.

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