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A Classic Cowboy Tour an Out of the Box Holiday Option

You think the cowboy days are over? Believe it or not, you can relive the cowboy life once again. Read on to explore how. Many travelers these days are opting for this adventure traveling. Be it bull riding or cattle drive or the late 1800 Ranches, you can experience the amazing cowboy life of the bygone era.

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Urban Cowboy of Bandera, Texas: This place can be proclaimed as the cowboy capital of the world. This place has some amazing real ranches and guest ranches. Even these days, travelers can enjoy amazing rodeo experience. Horses are often found at the hitching posts. Dixie Dude Ranch is among the oldest Ranches of the place. Since 1937, this has been attracting wannabe wranglers. A trail ride offers you storytelling and amazing chuck wagon meals at the campfire site.

Apart from the cowboy experience enjoyed in Bandera, you get to enjoy live music at the Blue’s Silver Dollar Saloon. This one is among the best dance halls in Texas. Whenever you go their, you can find cowboys drinking Pearl beer while enjoying live music in the hall. You can be in the town on 27th July, the National Cowboy Day. You can expect to enjoy some real treat out their.

Hired Hand in Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado: The basic Urban cowboy tours are for dudes ( a city dweller who has hardly experienced life in a Ranch). If you are more like a dust-kicking cowboy, the Chico Basin Ranch of 87,000 acres is the right place for you. The ranch is located around 35 miles away from Colorado Springs.

Guests do all the tasks over here for keeping the Ranch functioning in the proper order. The tasks might include repairing of trucks, equipments and fences, moving cattle or working in the leather shop. Most of these works are done on horseback. Guests can expect a completely real life cowboy experience as the Chico Ranch does not offer much material comfort. Fishing is one relief for the comparatively lazy guests. They can enjoy fishing on the ranch’s lakes.

Zapata Ranch at Colorado: This Ranch is located in Mosca, Colorado. This one is operated by State Ranch Management Company, Ranchland. This is one ecologically diverse regions in the USA. This Ranch has forests, sand dunes, verdant pastures and wetlands. You get mind-blowing cowboy experience in store for you. You might need to move cows, a herd of around 2,000 buffaloes from one place to another. Guests over here fix the barbed fence, a huge center-pivot irrigation sprinkler, etc. In short, guests learn to live a classic cowboy life, leaving behind all the modern practices.

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