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Few Things to Do in Coorg

Everybody imagines a place where the land and sky would meet; Coorg tourism has many such locations that are accessible to travelers. Though a lot of places are there within the vicinity of Coorg, but there are still many other things to do in Coorg. Although most of the laid back tourists reach here to just relax and do nothing at all, whereas some arrive for adventure only.

For the second category of people there are a couple of interesting things to do in Coorg that would satiate their craving for offbeat and exciting activities.

The list of Coorg tourism contains mostly the easy and laid out planned excursions around the vicinity. The ones that are listed below have a variety, which is sure to ensure that the travelers to this amazing hill station have a gala time. For those who are interested in few different things to do in Coorg, must pay attention to the below mentioned activities.

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1. Trekking the Hills: It is a place for the trek loving people, one could find the varying trails here that range from easy to arduous trekking. December till May is the best time to go for a trek in the mountains of Coorg. Tadiandamol, Brahmagiri and Pushpagiri are three major mountain areas for the trekking activities. One may take a guide or trek alone here while CAC or Coorg Adventure Club organizes thoroughly planned trekking expeditions for the keen seasoned as well as novice trekkers. The sloping hills, thick forests, waterfalls and the incredible views from the top is what make this entire experience worth the sweat.

2. Hockey Festival: It would be a bit strange for the people, who do not know about the Kodava Hockey Festival that takes place in Coorg every year since 1997. Another more surprising fact for the first time visitor would be to know that hockey is the traditional game of the ethnic group called Kodava of Coorg region. One of the principal rules of this particular festival states that one team shall consist of the members of a very specific family. Every year, this festival is organized by different families and their name is given to this tournament. The tournament has both women and men playing. The main purpose to initiate this festival was to get the Kodava community close to each other and strengthen their bonding. The festival’s opening as well as closing ceremonies holds the audience captive with a fine spectacle of the various kinds of folk dances and the demonstration of the Kodava martial arts.

3. Coorg Delicacies: Most of the people of Coorg are non-vegetarian, but for some time now; they are very much influenced by the much admired South Indian methods of cooking. The usual Coorg cuisines consist of dishes that have chicken, fish or pork and they are prepared with curry leaves, coconut, chili, ginger, cardamom and pepper. This may not be one of the offbeat things to do in Coorg, but finding a fine joint for tasting local delicacies could be a bit of a hard task as times.

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