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Gala Times at AKSA BEACH

Mumbai tourism boasts of many picturesque beaches in the city that attracts tourists in large numbers. Among the various popular ones, Aksa beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mumbai. The beach is an ideal tourist destination and has plenty of amenities for tourists. It is also the perfect getaway for the Mumbai residents looking for a short break away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

The Aksa beach in Mumbai is a vacation getaway situated in the Aksa village at Malad. The beach used to be Mumbai’s best kept secret and was a clean place with plenty of sea-life. Now this beach is one of the prime spots of Mumbai tourism and has plenty of hotels and cottages dotting the beach. It gets especially crowded during weekends and holidays when the locals of Mumbai are looking for a quiet and natural place to escape the monotony of city life. But despite the crowds, Aksa beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Mumbai and is definitely worth a visit. Those planning a holiday to Mumbai for the first time.

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The beach is being promoted as a place where one can enjoy nature and experience peace and quiet. This explains the absence of hawkers, vendors and peddlers on the beach. There are just a couple of stalls selling basic stuff and hence this is also one of the most peaceful beaches in Mumbai. You will enjoy the serene nature of this beach and this is the perfect place to be in if you wish to stay away from any disturbance.

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There are ample of hotel and resort options at the Aksa beach. Most of the resorts provide spa facilities and are the ultimate place to rejuvenate. Some of the accommodation options at the Aksa beach are Palm Beach Resort, Health Spa Resort, Green Village Resort Ltd, The Retreat Hotel & Convention Centre, The Resort etc. The beach is easily accessible from Mumbai by road or by train. You can alight at the Malad station and take the local BEST buses to reach the village. You can even opt for auto rickshaws or private transport.

This beach is also one of the most romantic beaches in Mumbai due to its perfect setting. The vast blue sea on one side and the thick lush greenery on the other will entice you and provide the perfect setting for a day out with your loved one. A lot of couples visit Aksa beach for this reason. You can enjoy long undisturbed walks with your partner or just enjoy the brilliant daze of the sunset from the beach. The luxurious resorts provide all the necessary comforts and facilities making your weekend break truly relaxing.

The Aksa beach is so beautiful that it has been often called a ‘Mini Alibaug’. Mumbaikars visit this place to enjoy a quiet retreat and tourists to enjoy this quiet and serene location which is so close to the city but so unlike it. The Aksa beach is definitely a gift for the residents of Mumbai.

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