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Hong Kong, The Beautiful City Of The Lights

Hong Kong can be overwhelming at its very first glance. From the tightly packed sidewalks, to the incessant chatter, Hong Kong is a place to delight in. Fantastically organized, it has never failed to charm the travelers with little moments of perfection. After the complete perception, one would realize the finesse, be it in the beef brisket soup or the balmy open –air beers. The city is for the simple pleasure and yet never fails to satisfy the moneyed elite.

Hong Kong has the ability to nudge you forward, and with its own pampering style can mesmerize even the skeptical. So which are the places you should visit once you are there in the beautiful city.

The first stunning spectacle is the Peak. The incredible view of the surrounding city skyline, the peaceful green hill sides and the famous Victoria Harbor and the Kowloon towers simply takes your breath away. The Peak tram is pulled by steel cables and the steep ride does make you feel the buildings are leaning away. Once at the top, be enthralled by the Peak Towers or revitalize with the Lions View Point Pavilion and the viewing terrace at the Peak Galleria, as well as the Peak Tower Sky Terrace.


If you are in Hong Kong, can you miss out the celebrity fan fare in the Madame Tussauds? Savor the six subsections of the legendary museum: Hong Kong Glamour, Historical and National Heroes, World Premiere, SCREAM, The Champions and Music Icons. Learn fancy footwork of David Beckham, or glamorize with Nicole Kidman, these museum offers entertainment to the fullest.

Indulge in the moment of religion with the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple. Be it to pray or to know the future chìm – bamboo ‘fortune sticks’, the temple is the busy destination. Built in the year 1973, the temple is dedicated to the humble shepherd, Wong Tai Sin. Replete with colorful pavilions, bridges, waterfalls and carp ponds, the temple exudes beauty, peace and harmony.

With more than forty buildings in the Victoria Harbor participating in the Symphony of Lights, it is a must see. The best vantage point is the “Avenue of Stars.” Heralded as the largest permanent light and sound show by the Guinness World Book of Records, the light show has five themes of Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and the finale, Celebration.

The other event which beguiles even the locals is the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance which is held during the Mid Autumn Festival. There is the 67 meter long “fire dragon” that weaves its magic through much fanfare and smoke through the streets of Tai Hang. With its usual legends of the dragon warding off the evil, the festival is held for more than three days and three nights. The dragon is made of incense sticks and straw. It is then lit and within the erupting firecrackers and the drummers.

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