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Pembrokeshire, a tourist attraction

Pembrokeshire is in the south west Wales bordered by Ceredigion in the north east and Carmarthenshire in the east. The headquarters of Pembrokeshire county council is based in Haverfordwest. The economy of the county is predominantly dependent on tourism, though agriculture also plays an important part.
Pembrokeshire is a coastal county encircled by sea on three sides. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park which covers almost a third area of the county is a major tourist destination as it is the only such park in the United Kingdom. Some petrochemical and liquid natural gas companies have come up in this place since 1950.

There are several small and medium-sized towns in Pembrokeshire like Pembroke, Haverfordwest, Tenby, Milford Haven, St. David’s etc. St. David’s is the smallest town in the whole of United Kingdom. Having a long coastline of almost 275 Km Pembrokeshire offers some superb coastal paths for enjoying a serene and peaceful stroll along the seaside. There are three bays in the town – Fishguard bay, Newport bay and St. Bride’s bay. A number of islands are located in Pembrokeshire. The popular tourist attractions are the Skomer island, Caldey island and the Ramsey island.

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Pembrokeshire boasts of some beautiful beaches which are unspoilt and quite pristine. Tourists flock to have a great time in leisurely walks and in engaging themselves in fun and frolicking on the beaches. Such a beach is Poppit Sands which is quite popular with the tourists as it offers some of the most amazing natural sceneries with dunes offering the tourists great spots for frolicking in the sand and engage in various forms of water sports. This is a Blue Flag beach which is a certification given by the Foundation for Environmental Education regarding conservation, safety and quality.
Pembrokeshire being one of the very limited maritime counties in U.K. some exciting and beautiful beaches beckon tourists for memorable summer holidays there. Holiday cottages abound in plenty around the islands of Pembrokeshire. The self-catering cottages offer tourists the perfect platform for a family vacation with complete relaxation indulging in fun and adventure sports like climbing, rock pooling, surfing, kayaking, bird watching etc. The most popular and crowded beaches of Pembrokeshire are :

  • Broad Haven
  • Little Haven
  • Broad Haven South
  • North Beach Tenby
  • South Beach Tenby
  • Newgale
  • Whitesands Bay etc.
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There are numerous rocks, reefs and caves in Pembrokeshire which attract the tourists. Places in Pembrokeshire worth visiting are :

  • St. Justinians
  • Caerfai Bay which offers a fabulous view and some exciting picnic locations. This is closest to St.David’s. Quite renowned for its pathways along the coastline.
  • St. David’s cathedral. This religious monument was built in the sixth century. A leisurely walk through the beautiful manicured gardens will refresh you.
  • Melin Tregwynt Wollen Mill. Till date cushions, blankets, throws are woven traditionally.
  • St.Non’s Chapel. This is St. David’s birthplace.

Pembrokeshire offers the tourists a complete holiday package for its mesmerising natural sceneries, the beauty of the blue ocean and the white sprawling sandy beaches and also for exploration of the coasts for caves and reefs and much more.
For tourists looking for self-catering holidays in Pembrokeshire can look online. There are many lodges and hotels in this county that offer one a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.
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