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So You Thought Venice Was All About Mush and Romanticism? Read on to Find Out

People seem to be making a tour to Venice very often. Some to re-kindle the romance and others just to dip their toes in the pool of memories they created together and make tiny paper boats out of them and see them sail off while clasping hands and re-living the magic they created. But romance is not about red roses and candle-lit dinners, is it? The definition of romance has changed with the gradual change in the definition of love. If love is all about togetherness then romance lies in the little things that both people completely besotted to each other share amongst themselves. It could be as little as saving the last piece of your favorite chocolate for him so that he can have it at night after a hard day’s work or reading out your favorite quote that has touched you the most before the day ends. Yes if romance is in the air for you then check out the quaint Venice that awaits you and make the most of your tour to this city that promises to mesmerize you.

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A quick look at the Venice that many miss out on often

  • Al Timon – a small yet cozy hangout spot for the young just to spend some good quality time together. What makes this corner ideal for couples would be its setting, the small tables are placed on the edge of the streets with the Ormesini canal flowing by with live jazz music in the background and sipping away regional wine with grilled zucchini with pecorino cheese (their signature dish that you just cannot miss). Gone are the days when romance was all about candle-lit dinners with violins playing in the background. Today it is all about being at ease in front of your loved ones and chilling out with your partner.

  • Old World Bookshop – if books are the common passion that you both share then this is the place you need to visit with your partner. Tucked carefully next to the bridge near Venice’s Jewish ghetto, this book shop is your baby because it boasts of the rare collection of books on Venice and Italy right from the 16th century editions and some of them signed by the authors themselves. That makes it a rare collection and your most precious possession. And who knows if you might get lucky and bump into some of your favorite authors strolling inside this space, maybe chat over a steaming cup of coffee because a lot can happen over a steaming cuppa.

  • Dodo caffè – wish to get a feel of Venice and the people of this beautiful city then this is the caffè you need to drop by. Just sit and watch the daily hustle-bustle of life, wives lazing around here and sipping coffee after their shopping spree, young couples trying to explore love and exchanging sweet nothings, friends having the time of their life over a couple of drinks or maybe an old couple biting over their favorite cookies and cupcakes after a long walk, you’ll get it here, you’ll get what I call “life”!

  • 10 Metri Quadrati – not a very old space and comparatively new that has caught the fancy of all kinds of people alike. This place would be more Milan for you than Venice because they completely swear by the concept of less is more keeping the décor sleek and classy with lots of modern art exhibitions thrown around the place that gives you the feel of intellectualism. For the quick bites you must not overlook the salads, the yummilicious grilled panini, chunks of ham with local cheese. And baby you’re in heaven for sure! The brownie points that this place scores is by keeping the bar open till the wee hours of the night.

  • Osteria Al Bacco – this is one hidden secret tucked away in a corner that helps in keeping the serenity of this place intact and the grappling of consumerism away. So this place hits two of your favorite spots – seafood and a long romantic dinner which makes time stop to fall in love with the moment. Let’s jump straight to the menu of shrimps, baby octopus, spaghetti and squid cooked to perfection, grilled sea bass served fresh. A couple of the tables are placed nicely on the line of the canal outside with the water flowing smoothly and the breeze making two strands of your hair caress your face with its gentle kiss. The perfect prop of this beautiful setting is the 120 year old vine standing tall and elegant and the cozy wood paneled dining space inside.

So when do you want to feel the goosebumps of love and see a thousand butterflies set free from within you because marriage is not the criteria for togetherness, love is!

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