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Travel Tips to Help Your Vacation in London

A trip to London can be very exciting and a fun- filled affair. However, enjoying it optimally needs proper planning taking care of all requirements such as accommodation, travel, food, sightseeing, shopping and other entertainments. For any traveller London is a paradise offering attraction on every genre – nightlife, history, gardens, shops and what not.

To make the most of a trip, it is important to ensure a comfortable stay so that the rest of the things can follow in the proper order and on budget.

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Accommodation: So before finalizing the dates of the journey check with the estate agents or letting agencies about the most comfortable accommodation in safe locations. Since hotels are very expensive and unsuitable for a short term trip, the options of serviced apartments need to be explored. The apartments, also known as apart hotels are 40 percent cheaper than hotels of similar amenities. They are spacious and offer the option of cooking own meals and can save money that is normally wasted by dining at restaurants outside.

Short-Stay Options: An estate agent or a reliable online letting agency can assist in finding a suitable Short Let London accommodation and short let apartments.

Haste is Waste: Once in London, spending time by rushing from one site to another without seeing anything is not fair. To understand London, just enjoy the neighbourhoods. Do some window shopping on Old Bond Street or explore crafts market at Covent Garden. That means on a short trip it is good trying to wander and watching than trying hard to do everything.

Visit London’s Lungs: A visit to London will be worthless of its green space as well as open space is not enjoyed. So never miss the greenery at Hampstead Heath; Regent’s Park; Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Museums: It may be hard to visit all the 200 galleries, 300 museums and 150 odd events happening every day in London. But at least visit the Tate Museum, Kensington Palace and watch the display of Crown jewels at the Tower of London.

Markets: Have a glimpse of London’s famous outdoor markets. Go to Portobello Road and haggle over antiques. Borough market is a popular trading hub years and has the ambience of a Moroccan bazaar.

Buy an Oyster Card: To save money on travel purchase an Oyster or Travelcard and do not pay for single tickets.

Harry Potter Studio: To excite the kids make a reservation to see the Warner Bros and take a Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Cable Car across the Thames: Take a ride across the Emirates Air cable car in East London and catch a grand view of the Thames River. Viewing it as an attraction is fine and can get over the £10 round-trip sticker shock.

Besides these specifics some general tips for a good trip can be helpful.

Daily Schedule: During the trip, plan a daily schedule and include all the major and minor activities of your vacation. Slot the time for rest and personal breaks. Also communicate the schedule to everyone in the family vacation so that all members can play a role in the vacation activities.

Check the Vehicle: In case you are hiring a vehicle inspect the car well. If damages are there, notify the car rental company immediately.

Compact Bags: Use bags that are compact in compartments and pack toiletries in luggage so that every item can be used on the trip.

Ready Reckoner: Keep ready all important information and contact details in a tablet format so that all information required during the travel such as important telephone numbers, addresses are always ready.

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