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7 Must-Haves for Your First Desert Safari in Dubai

7 Must-Haves for Your First Desert Safari in Dubai

Much like the dune bashing part of the whole tour, going on your first desert safari in Dubai may feel like a roller coaster ride. You will be excited because the tour offers a lot of fun activities. However, since going on a desert safari means spending several hours in the wilderness and trying new activities, it is only normal that you will feel a bit apprehensive about this adventure.

 Preparing well for your first desert expedition will help you overcome your fears and look forward to the tour. You will be properly ready for this tour by making sure you have the following with you during your first desert safari:

1.    The itinerary

 Knowing everything that will happen during the desert safari will help you prepare all the things you need to bring. When you know what to expect, your anxieties about the activities will be reduced as well.

Once you’ve booked your tour, ensure you have a copy of your itinerary. You can download, save or print it from your operator’s website or from the email you received from them.

Additionally, make sure you read the itinerary and other documents you get from your operator carefully. Take note of the departure time, pick-up place, and other instructions. Ensure you know the inclusions as well such as a buffet dinner and tent if you chose an overnight desert safari. 

2.    Sun protection items

Whether your safari will begin in the morning or after lunch, you will spend a lot of time under the hot sun. Ensure you have everything you need to be fully protected from the harsh UV rays by bringing and using the following:

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Light shawl

Before you even go to the meeting or pick-up point, apply sunscreen to avoid getting sunburn.

3.    The right outfit

You will have a more comfortable and fun time in the desert if you don’t feel hot all the time and aren’t sweating too much.

This means wearing loose and cool clothes made of light fabric. Additionally, wear flip-flops or hiking boots to prevent sand from getting into your shoes and inconveniencing you. 

In case your safari comes with an al fresco barbecue dinner or you will be staying overnight at the desert, if you don’t want to bring a shawl, pack a light jacket or sweater in your bag. You need one since it can get a bit chilly in the desert at night.

4.    An overnight bag

If you signed up for an overnight desert safari, you need to bring a small or medium-sized bag. It should be big enough to hold a change of clothing, sleeping wear, toiletries, and other things you need for the night and the following day.

Make sure you have a small bag that will hold your valuables (wallet, smartphone, camera, etc.) that you can conveniently carry with you as you go through the different desert activities.

5.    Your medications

The dune bashing part of the safari can be quite bumpy. If you’re prone to getting motion sickness, make sure you bring some anti-nausea medications.

In case you are already on some medications, don’t forget to bring them, especially if you have to take them at specific times, and if you will be staying overnight in the camp.

6.    Your smartphone and/or camera

Aside from documenting all the activities you will take part in during the safari, there is wonderful scenery you will see only in the Dubai desert. This includes the amazing rolling sand dunes, picturesque sunset, and the Bedouin-inspired camp if a dinner is included in your itinerary.

Because of this, make sure you put your fully charged smartphone and/or camera in your small bag so that you are ready to take photos of anything that interests you. Don’t forget to bring your chargers as well so that you can recharge them at the camp if they run out of juice.

7.    A sense of adventure

Lastly, to fully enjoy the desert safari from start to end, be flexible and open to anything.

For instance, even if you haven’t tried sandboarding before, the Dubai desert is the perfect place to experience this. Overcome your hesitation and try this exciting sport. There will be a pro to guide you as you glide over the sand dunes so you will be relatively safe.

If you have always wanted to get inked, compromise and get a cute henna tattoo at the camp instead. It’s a great way to have some wonderful artwork on your shoulder, an arm, hand, or leg.

So, make sure you bring everything on this list on your first desert safari in Dubai. By doing so, you will have a more memorable and enjoyable time during this unique desert adventure.



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