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7 CRAZY Things to Try in Budapest in 2019


Yes, it is easy to fall in love with Budapest!

Made up of two cities, Buda and Pest combined recalled as Budapest is located on the majestic River-Danube. The city of Budapest is also famous among the ten most beautiful European top towns. Moreover, it is considered among renowned “UNESCO” heritage sites, including spectacular bridges and precious monuments.

You might be wondering what things make Budapest special? The city is well-known among people by the name “Paris of the East” due to its architecturally rich history, where there is a lot to explore and learn. From thermal baths to energetic ruin bars, underground caves to Neolithic castles, sumptuous food to impressive coffee, the capital of Hungary has something for everyone. Due to some of the crazy things for enjoyment, Budapest has been able to hold ranking in one of top Europe’s national identities.

Here let’s reveal seven most crazy things to try in the Hungarian Capital city and that makes it one of the quirkiest places to visit.

  1. Relaxing at the Thermal Baths

Relaxing at the thermal baths is one of the rich experiences of the city Budapest. The city is known for its famous Széchenyi baths. It is a perfect place to relax and spend quality time with your travel partner. Széchenyi baths are comprised of 20 pools, which are maintained at a temperature of 18-40 degrees to help people gather the warm bathing experience. The best part of this bath is that it is beneficial for different medical issues including common illnesses, orthopedic, and chronological pain post-treatment.


Moreover, you can enjoy special massages, complete body spa, and other beauty treatments at cost-effective rates here. Always remember, if you happen to be in Budapest on a Saturday night, then going to the Széchenyi bath pools can be your unforgettable experience.

  1. Party at Szimpla Kert ruin pub

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ruin pubs are one of the most quirky things to enjoy when you are in the city. The name is ruin, but there is nothing to fear about. Instead, the name suggests the old buildings that have been turned into pubs and bars around Budapest. From different ruin clubs, Szimpla Kert has been a preferred choice of many people. From over thousands of food items to tequila drinks, Szimpla has all of the best things to benefit from.  It is one of the best places to enjoy your time in Budapest.

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  1. Go to Pál-völgyi and Szemlo- Hegyi caves

Caving is all about exploring the historical facts and figure! And Yes, Budapest has some of the best-hidden caves that are known to a few people. The most popular among them has been-Pál-völgyi and Szemlo- Hegyi caves. The caves are known for their rich structures constructed in ancient times. It’s the best place for the visitor to experience narrow passages and older scenarios.

The Pál-völgyi cave is stretched across the seven kilometers long stretch of rocks and sand, where you have numerous options for hiking and ducking through narrow passages. The Szemlo-Hegyi cave is crammed with magnificent crystal formations that have a clean air surface for passages. Here, enjoying hiking can be on a more comfortable scale due to less narrow passages. Experiencing hiking and walking through passages can be added to your wish list when you plan to visit Budapest.

  1. Explore the Grounds of Buda Castle

Holding its inception in the year 1749, Budda Castle is one of the impressive baroque palaces that aspires customer attention. Balanced high above the cities, it’s hard to decide what is more impressive- the Castle, the creative beauty, or the monumental bottom fleet. However, if you want to explore Buda Castle, then a tour guide can help you understand the monument with more in-depth insight. The tour to this amazing destination can help you gather a lot of valuable information about settings around Budapest as well.

  1. Eat Cake at Cafe Ruszwurm

If you plan to visit Budapest, then you can’t ignore Ruszwurm. It is one of the ‘Old World’ coffee houses of Budapest. It is a charming coffee house to refresh oneself and others while enjoying the best coffee around this city. Being in the city from over ten decades, Ruszwurm has become one of the most famous places to visit once any traveler is here in Budapest.  It is a renowned place where Queen of Hungary used to send her staff there to buy cakes for breakfast. Their cakes are delicious!  For the best experience, you can try the seven layer cake treat organized by the café Ruszwurm.

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  1. Lookout from the Fisherman’s Bastion

This is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of Budapest city. The neo-Gothic terrace of the Fisherman’s Bastion is located alongside Castle Hill. It provides visitors with a better view of famous places of Hungary like- Hungarian Parliament, Chain Bridge, the city of Pest.

Bastion is a great monument, and its name is derived from the fishermen who dedicated their lives in defending the city during the medieval periods. This beautiful site also has seven distinctive tent-like towers, each representing the seven Hungarian tribes who settled in the Carpathian Basin.

  1. Attend Sziget Festival

Last but not the least; you must definitely see the famous Sziget Festival of Budapest. The fantastic city is going to host the world’s 7th largest music festival, drawing more than 400,000 attendees this year also in August 2019. Sziget is a week-long music festival that takes place on a 108-hectare island beside Danube every year, drawing in massive headlines worldwide. The spark factor of this year’s festival is all about the top musician’s solo performances. The festival is going to have the mind blowing performances by Ed Sheeran, Florence, and the Machine and the Foo Fights. If you want to find out more, check out the Sziget Survival Guide, which outlines everything you need to know about this epic festival!


Exploring Budapest is majorly about exploring new and unique places. Here’s a list ready for you, exploring which will make your trip to Budapest fantastic. Why not plan a trip to Budapest now and travel around all these exciting places this year? Sure, it will be super fun.

Enjoy traveling!

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