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The Best of Bali

Luscious rice paddy fields, golden sandy beaches and hidden hillside terraces are entwined to create the Far East treasure of Bali. The secluded island paradise is surrounded by turquoise waters, and comes complete with stunning sunsets to create a destination perfect for couples wanting a romantic retreat or sun seekers in search of markets and culture.

For those visiting Bali, or combining it as part of a twin center holiday, here are three of the best sights on the island that are well worth incorporating into your itinerary…

Bali Sanur beach

Bali Kite Festival
Thousands of colorful kites litter the Balinese skies in July during this three-day religious festival near Sanur beach in the south of the island. Thought to send a message to the Hindu Gods asking for a rich harvest and crop, the annual event attracts thousands of participants and spectators alike. Judging the kites on ease of flying and design, expect graceful launches and jaw dropping impressive creations that can reach imposing sizes of 4 meters in width and 10 meters in length with shapes ranging from the traditional leaf to a more courageous attempt at a shark.

Bali Temple

Bali Temples
Picturesque temples or Puras, as the Balinese call them, are dotted amid the rolling landscapes and provide unique view points that show off the country’s strong religious values and traditional cultures. Take a trip to the iconic Pura Ulun Danu Bratan (or Pura Bratan) water temple that is located on the shores of lake Bratan amongst the scenic mountain ranges near Beduhal. Or, for a costal temple with a difference, visit the popular Tanah Lot. One of Bali’s most symbolic structures, this place of worship has been built on a rock formation just off the coast in Tabanan, about 20km from Denpasar. With all of the temples it is best to visit at dusk as the sun begins to set and casts striking hues of oranges, pinks and reds across the sky to create the perfect photo opportunities.
Bali beach

Beaches of Bali
Endless sandy beaches are one of Bali’s biggest draws for holidaymakers in search of sun in secluded hideaways. With soft white shores, the coves of Sanur and Nusa Dua are the most popular resorts for those wanting to relax with peace and tranquillity. However if you are in search of something slightly more energetic, then head to Kuta for water sports such as windsurfing, parasailing and the occasional banana boat. Sophisticated bars and restaurants line the beachfront for the perfect place to lounge around and enjoy a refreshing drink as the evening begins to set in.

Bali paddy fields

Infinity pools, luxury hotels and pampering spas are in abundance in Bali, so it is no wonder that many people are starting to combine the tranquil destination as part of a multi centre holiday. After the bustling streets and bright lights of cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore, twin your stay with a trip to Bali to get the best of both worlds. Multi centre holidays that incorporate the best of city and beach breaks are available through the luxury holiday company Hayes and Jarvis.

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