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How to Keep Your Batteries Charged While Travelling?

How to Keep Your Batteries Charged While Travelling?

Car battery keeps dying as you travel in your car and that’s why you must have clear idea about the answer of this basic question “how long should a car battery last?” It’s a popular question and people often Google about how long should a car battery last and they get different answer on each blog or website they browse.

If you landed at this page because you also searched in Google how long should a car battery last then we’re going to give you a better idea and we will also reveal why every blog or website tells different time for the question how long can car battery last. Keep reading this post till end or you can browse for more information and detailed answer.

Relation of Car Battery and Alternator

Car battery and the alternator can be termed as husband and wife. We won’t go further to specify the gender of each because the purpose of calling them husband wife is because they work together. If any of these goes bad, it will disturb the other and the whole functioning of car as well. If alternator is not charging battery properly then car battery keeps dying. And if you have a brand new perfectly working alternator but still battery of car keeps dying then it’s the time to change car battery otherwise there’s a chance that alternator may stop working because of extra and constant load of a dead battery.

Importance of Car Battery and Alternator

Without a properly charged battery, your car is not going to start. You will have to use jumper cables to give your engine the electric jerk to start and that’s a hassle. To avoid such situations, you must have a properly charged battery in your car. There can be only two reasons behind a not properly charged battery:

  • Battery is bad or dead
  • Alternator is bad and not charging battery properly

So for a smooth start of your car, a good battery and a properly working alternator are very important.

How Long Can Car Battery Last?

Everything has a specific life so does a car battery has. The question is what is an average battery life or how long car battery last?

1.      Type of Battery

An exact and accurate answer depends upon various factors and on an average it is recommended that you may change your car battery after two or maximum three years. In case of dry battery, the life of a car battery may extend to about 8 to 10 years.

2.      Smart Alternator

Now you know how long should a car battery last but how long car battery last depends upon various factors like quality of the alternator you have in your car. A good quality or a smart alternator may extend the car battery life to a good extent. If will over charge the battery with high amperes, then there’s a chance that your car battery won’t last long and due to this bad alternator, car battery keeps dying.

3.      Battery Terminals

The other factors that may affect the battery life are the car battery terminals. Car battery terminals must be carbon free so that it may get and release proper current. If the car battery terminal will be loose, there will be sparking and battery will not be able to get proper current from alternator and will also not be able to supply fully amount of current to the engine.

4.      Usage

Usage of car and the car battery is another factor that may affect the car battery life. The number of times a car battery is recharged also determines how long car battery last. If you are using your car too much then you may have to change the car battery well before the actual battery life.

How to Fix Car Battery Temporarily?

If your car battery keeps dying and you don’t have yet enough budget to replace your car battery, then there’s a tip so that you may know how to fix car battery but keep it in mind that it’s a temporary solution and it may extend car battery life to further a month or two.

Take the battery out of car and remove all the acid / water from the battery and fill it with clean water and remove again and again to clear all the acid. After that put Coca Cola in the battery for almost an hour or two and then wash it again with clean water and then put the acid again. Battery will start working again like a new but you must get the battery changed as you get some money.

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