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Local Delicacies to Try, On Your Trip to Thailand

Thailand is a haven of innumerable wonderful experiences. From the gorgeous warm beaches, to the rich cultural heritage, the land is amply blessed with beauty in many forms. No matter what’s your reason behind the visit, once you are here, you just can’t ignore the aroma of the fresh herbs lingering in the air. Thai food here is simply a therapy for your tiny taste buds. The romantic moon lit evenings on the mushy sand is fascinating. However, for the true connoisseur of the delicious Thai cuisine, a trip to Thailand is never complete without tasting the local delicacies. Thai restaurants are immensely popular around the world. Yet, many of us often can’t tell the difference between Thai and Chinese dishes. Though, the basic ingredients of both are often similar, the flavors differ pretty distinctly. A single bite of the delectable street food is enough to leave you craving for more. The amazing part of Thai food is the simplicity and freshness for which you would not really mind gorging on them. The local gourmet is light and healthy, enriched with all the natural flavors. Sadly, if your trip can’t stretch any longer, here are some of the dishes that you dare not miss out on: phatthai

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#1. Phat Thai –This is a dish made out of very thin rice noodles fried along with shrimp, eggs and tofu in adequate fish sauces, local seasonings, sugar, dried chilies and a dash of tamarind and vinegar. This popular Thai soul food that was invented in the 1930s by a Chinese-Thai chef is simply mouth-watering.


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#2. Tom Yam-This is a healthy concoction of herbs, with a dominant citrusy and spicy taste. A close cousin of Tom Yam is the Tom Yam Kung, which is a light broth including thick fleshy prawns swimming in a sea or flavors. A piping hot bowl of this unusual soup is truly delightful at any time of the day and very soothing to a sore throat.


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#3. Laap – This is a bit heavy and meaty preparation comprising of minced meat cooked in herbs and justly sprinkled with roasted rice powder. This is best eaten, just like the locals do,  with hot and sticky rice, using your bare hands. Stuff in a handful of this rare mix into your mouth and your little buds will bless you forever. khao-soi

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#4. Khao Soi – It is a kind of Indian-ish style meat curry, mostly beef or chicken based with a handful of wheat noodles, which makes it completely a wholesome meal. The other ingredients include chopped shallots, pickled veggies, creamy coconut milk and last but not the least-a dash of lime juice. Some restaurants even add eggs to the soupy mixture. However, the basic Thai herbs are poignantly present in all the dishes.


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#5. Som Tam – It’s a rural rustic taste-filled Thai dish made of loads of veggies. The key ingredients are crunchy slices of papaya, beans and tomato that are cooked in fresh chilli, lime juice, fish sauce and other spices. This is fondly eaten with a bowl of sticky rice, to savor the zesty richness at the very best. This dish originated in the northeastern countryside of Thailand. But, ever since its discovery, this mildly filling midday meal has become famous throughout the country.

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