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Oceania cruises: First-time Oceania Visitor

Oceania cruises

Oceania Cruises!

Things a First-time Oceania Visitor Should go for during Summer Vacation

Traveling by yourself is fun, but if you’re new to the whole solo travel thing, it can feel a bit lonely or awkward going on summer vacation alone. A good part of your worry is how you will entertain yourself throughout the whole vacation. The thing that kept me going is that we all need to learn to be alone with yourself and learn how to entertain yourself when no one is around. This isn’t easy for anyone since not everyone is an extrovert. So here are a few things I did while visiting Oceania last summer, that might help you.

Oceania cruises :River Cruises in Melbourne


If you are a type like me, and you don’t like big crowds, a river cruise is the best option since it hosts around 200 passengers. In my experience, river cruises are more sociable and fun than ocean ones.

Since the ocean cruises are on the open oceans things can get a bit rough, therefore I much more prefer River Cruises in Melbourne where the waters are smoother.

There are two main reasons why I prefer river cruises over ocean ones. The first one it that river cruises request your attendance in collective activities. You will go on daily walks and tours, have onboard discussions or participate in some fun workshops. Unlike ocean cruises where you can lay out on your balcony or be at a bar all day. And the second thing that I like the most is that there is no room service on the ship. If you want to eat you have to go out of your room and visit a restaurant or a cafe where you will possibly meet new people.

Oceania cruises: Fraser Islands

Fraser Island is one of the most breathtaking islands I have visited. It has some of the largest sand islands and the tallest and the most beautiful rainforests that grow on sand dunes. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I thought about going on a trip to an island, because I had never been anywhere like it before, but I can say that if you have been living in a place that has a dry climate going on an island vacation and enjoying the beaches is a must.

There are so many things to do and to visit. I spent most of my visit to the island relaxing and floating in the amazing blue waters. You should definitely visit the perched lake filled with rainwater, surrounded by pure white sand.

If you like to explore, you can take a guided tour of the Wildlife at night. This showed me a whole new side of Fraser Island. There are so many native animals that come out once the sun goes down. The ranger will take you through the trees and bushes to see amazing sugar gliders that are jumping through the trees, some beautiful rare frogs around the lake edges and a lot more wild animals.

Oceania cruises:Rotorua

Rotorua is an amazing and fun city that is located on the southern banks of Lake Rotorua in New Zealand’s North Island. I really enjoyed spending an evening being mesmerized with the native Maori culture at Mitai Maori Village. You can experience the warriors paddling a waka, try traditionally cooked meals and watch a unique Maori performance.

It has the most magnificent trees, birdlife, and forests I have seen. If you are an adrenaline junkie like me, or you want to continue going out of your comfort zone the best ways to enjoy all it has to offer is by going on the Redwoods Tree Walk. It has a unique mixture of exciting zip lining, forest walks and you get to climb the ladder that takes you on bridges and lets you feel the spirit of the Redwood Forest, and you can use that experience as a conversation starter.

Oceania has some of the most beautiful locations that you can visit during your summer vacation. These locations will help you relax and enjoy every second of your stay there. And most importantly, if you are traveling alone, you will make new connections and meet some of the most amazing people while enjoying the beautiful sights you come across.

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