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Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Bangkok and Pattaya

Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Bangkok and Pattaya

Bangkok and Pattaya are the two beautiful places to visit in the world. Whether to spend your vacation with family or friends, parents, or partners, this place is a beautiful destination for all. Who doesn’t want to visit the vibrant coastal cities of Thailand? Brimming Pattaya Beaches, fun water sports zones, thrilling adventurous Bangkok Spots, a variety of delectable Thai food, Bangkok Pattaya Tours offers ‘Everything for Everyone.’

These lively cities are a part of East-Asia, Thailand. The place is full of diversities in everything it has, then if you talk about for its culture of Thai, Asian, English, Chinese, or food, all has its taste and uniqueness.

Planning a Bangkok Pattaya Tour with luxury accommodation and food, would be the best decision to spend your vacation at such jubilant place, allow yourself to open up wings and fly above the illuminating skyscrapers of Thailand, swim into the depths of Coral Island, contemplate the ancient Thai architecture and pamper yourself in the Luxury Hotels, with Bangkok Pattaya Tour Packages. Let’s find out the ten best Bangkok Pattaya Tourist places to visit in Bangkok Pattaya Tour.

1. The Sanctuary of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth, located by the sea, is one of the most popular tourist points in Pattaya. Satchatham Temple, or the Sanctuary of Truth, is an iconic structure standing tall at 105 meters to the north of Wongamat Beach of Pattaya. The place looks more like a fusion of temple and a Palace, due to its magnetize interior crafted by teak wood and adorned by intricate designs of carvings.

A local business tycoon established a flagship structure of Pattaya with a motive to a place of art, culture, philosophy, and faith designed by Lek Wiriyapan, the founder of the Ancient City. The ancient temple holds the spirit of Eastern Civilization depicted by its impressive art and architectural work adorned with various sculptures of Buddhist and Hindu Gods along with other mythological figures.

2. Walking Streets, Pattaya

Pattaya, known as the Party hotspot of Thailand, and a beautiful destination for all the crazy party lovers of the world. Walking street, a one-kilometer packed lane with everything you wish to visit in Pattaya. This exuberant place has the dynamism and spirit of enthusiasm, which invigorates people and tourists who visit this lovely place. This walking street serves as the busiest party hub of Thailand with diverse options for fun and entertainment. This place is full of engaging local items from street foods and clothes to showpieces and handicrafts, still a lot more to see.

3. The Underwater World, Pattaya

Features 2500 aquatic animals, the Underwater World is the largest aquarium in the world. It turns out with the deep oceans, colorful sandy beaches, the magnificent corals, and the rare and hard to find aquatic animals are easily accessible to the general public. The Underwater World Aquarium designed in such a way that visitors find themselves transferred from the hustle-bustle life to the peaceful and jaw-dropping marine world.

Witness all the marine life which you imagined to see in real life, from the big predators like stingrays or sharks to the soft reluctant fish like the lobsters and starfishes, or it is the sweet turtles. Discover the different new species of aquatic life at the end of the tunnel house while having yourself in the Shipwreck Tank. It holds the top positions in most visited destinations and is one of the top Bangkok Pattaya Tourist Places.

4. Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

Pattaya is famous for its nightlife it offers to its spectators, Tiffany’s Cabaret Show is one of the sources to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand. Equally appreciated by locals for its amazing illuminating vibes drawn by the classical ancient Thai music and traditional Thai costumes worn by performers in the Cabaret. The show gets an overwhelming contribution to the popularity of the renowned beach city of Thailand, Pattaya. In 2001 the TravelCom Magazine announced Tiffany’s Cabaret Show as the 4th Top Ten Show in the world, and it’s been successful 28 years since it opened the doors of the theatre.

5. Koh Larn or The Coral Island

Situated at a distance of around 7 km from the coast of Pattaya Beach, Koh Larn or Coral Island is a beautiful place to visit Bangkok Pattaya Tour. Covered with a blanket of lush green vegetation with the mountainous terrain, adorned with the colonies of Corals and comprises of various small beaches across the Coral Island.

This splendid place of Pattaya offers plenty of sports and water activities like that of Underwater Dive, jet skiing, and many more activities. After the thrilling physic tiring sports, you could even go for a romantic walk around the colorful white sand beach with your partner or else have a rest on the colorful chaise longue of the beach and take the stunning sunbath.

6. Safari World and the Marine Park

Hit a thrill by visiting a fantastic zoo in Bangkok. The great place of Bangkok divided into two major sections; the first belongs to Safari Park, which is an enrapturing sight of the dense wood, inspired by the African jungles. The open zoo offers a variety of attractions, including Jungle Safari, where you can see many wild animals like Lion, the king, long striped Zebra, and many more. After such adventurous excursion, you can again go for the Jungle Cruise to sight beautiful scenes, including wild water animals like Crocodiles, Dolphins, Birds, and other trained animals putting up a captivating show. You could also go for many other attractions like the CDV War, Bollywood Cowboy Stunt Show, Eggs World, or Orangutan Boxing Show.

7. The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, in the heart of Bangkok, the Grand Palace is one of the most visited tourist places in Bangkok. The erstwhile residence of the Siam’s King built with the combination of European and Thai architecture and still used for royal ceremonies. It sums up with gardens, courtyards, halls, and several buildings. It is among must-visit Bangkok Pattaya Tourist Places.

8. Baiyoke Sky Tower

Thailand’s tallest building, Baiyoke Sky Tower, is one of the most popular and most visited eating, shopping, and entertainment hub in Bangkok. With the high viewing windows, the 84-storeyed Baiyoke Sky Tower has a vast skywalk area where visitors can get the mesmerizing view of the Bangkok Skyline. A beautiful place to visit during the Bangkok Pattaya Tour.

9. Bangkok NANTA Theatre

One of the must-do things in Bangkok is visiting a NANTA Theatre. With an international debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it was honored by the best performance Award in 1999. This show puts you to the laugh riot with the sure to get your cheeks stained with tears of laughter. Not-to-miss show during your International Bangkok Pattaya Tour.

10. MOCA-Museum of Contemporary Art

Mr. Boonchai Bencharongkul commissioned the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). The museum is honored by “the father of Thai contemporary arts,” You can contemplate the most excellent work of Professor Silpa Birasri and King Rama. This place dominated by great artwork from the greatest Thai contemporary artists — a must-visit area of the Bangkok Pattaya Tour.

Bangkok Pattaya Tour attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Get the enigmatic experience by living the luxury life of the Thai culture and by contemplating the magnificence of Pattaya and elegance of Bangkok with Roaming Routes. So, gear up, get your backpack, plan a trip to Bangkok Pattaya, and without a delay book your Bangkok Pattaya Tour packages.

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