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Why Spoil A Hiking Expedition Just Because Your Periods Have Started?

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Hiking is healthy and fun and is one of the best ways to increase your body’s activity level. Unfortunately, many of us women tend to be uncertain whether going on hiking trips during periods would be a good idea.  Going on hiking especially during your periods is not a bad at all. You only need to take some precautionary measures that’s all. So why miss out an extraordinary expedition just because you have started chumming? Here are some measures that you can take before you start packing your backpack.

[PS – This is also important for men, if you want your girlfriend or your fiancée to come along with you on expedition. Your knowledge on this topic might prevent you from facing a roadblock.]

1- Feel Free To Consult Your Instructor

While you are out there hiking, make it a point to consult with your instructor. Yes, it is true men do not go through such situation, however, that does not mean they do not have any clue about it. Your trekking instructor is properly trained and knows how to handle situations like this, do not feel shy to consult your instructor. You might get some solution.

2-  Store Properly To Dispose The Used products

It is necessary to pack out the used tampons, just the way you do with your wastes while you are out to trek. Always carry Ziploc bags to store them while you continue your journey. Once you reach the next town, dispose them properly. Ziploc bags are light and easy to carry along. If you are going on a long trip, then investing in a dry bag is a good idea. Mostly parents who use cloth diapers use them. The bags can function a lot like the Ziploc bags.

3- Practice To Properly Manage Your Hygiene

It is important to know how to maintain a proper hygiene when you are on out to trek during your periods.  During this time, you are more prone to urinary tract diseases. Therefore, you must carry enough sanitary napkins so that you can change at regular intervals.  Try out the menstrual cups like the Diva cup, the Moon cup or the Keeper. They are economical and not messy.  You can check out this site, to know more about these cups.

Do not try to bury your trash as animals might dig that up, thinking it to be food.  Before going to sleep, hang your belongings including the used sanitary products along with your trash and food.

4- Try To Avoid Using Scented Products

Carrying scented products tend to catch the attention of critters. Try to carry sanitizers, tampons, baby wipes that are not scented.

5- Do Not Feel Scared Of Bears

Some people tend to carry a misconception, that the smell of the menstrual blood will attract the attention of wild bears.  Numerous studies, undertaken by the National Park Service show no evidence of such cases. You can take all the necessary precautions but it would be foolish if you cancel your hiking expedition fearing, that a bear will attack you just because you are chumming.

6- Keep a Track of Your Dates

It is necessary for those who go out on longer hiking expeditions. You might notice an irregularity in your period. A change in the atmosphere, altitude and in physical activities could lead to a shift in your date. Keep a track of your dates and consult a doctor if you notice any problem.

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