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5 Essential Travelling Apps To Carry Along On A Vacation

I always find it comfortable using Google Map and Navigation app while I am outside, in search of a destination. Thanks to Google Map, now I can type down the location in my smart phone before I step out of the house. The Navigation app gives me a smooth traveling direction while I am on the road.

This helps me to be self sufficient and handy while on road and makes it unnecessary to get local guides from people to reach my destination.

Traveling apps help to make your journey smooth, comfortable and enjoyable. Now, these apps are not just about getting directions. You can get to access the minimum amount of information that you require to know with these applications. Knowing about the weather condition, the nearest available hotels and restaurants, information on currency exchange with such apps has become no easier than this.

Before you jump into a train or plane, here are some valuable traveling apps to download that can come handy while on a trip.

  •  Tripit


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If you have Tripit, then you need not download any other app. This application provides you with a multi function platform, which stores all kinds of information when you travel.  Get updated with information for almost anything like weather reports, hotel vouchers, car rentals, time zones and information regarding the latest flight schedules, etc. You can also get a last minute alert in case of any change in your listed plans.

With the pro edited version of Tripit, you can get to rebook any similar flights in case of any flight delay or cancellation.

It runs free on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

  •  Tripose


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This traveling guide can provide you with international information updates. You can get to use Ex-Googlers and open street map. Its other features include the currency convertor and an active adviser for any kind of tourist exploration.

While Tripose can run on mobile and iPads, you can operate it on devices having Android.

  • The Currency Convertor


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This is an essential app for figuring out your financial comparison. Though different companies create this application, this app (whether you are using the Android version or the iOS version) will provide you with exchange rates of approximately 180 currencies or more. While the iOS version helps you to add the interest rate or the international fees, the Android version provides a graphic representation of the exchange rate.

The Currency Convertor app runs free on iOS [OANDA Corporation] and Android platforms.

  •  The $3 Packing Pro


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Packing is a tedious task where you need to keep in mind what are the essential things that one needs to carry on a trip. With Packing Pro, you can make a list of the number of people and luggage that you are going to carry. You can also input the name of your destination and the length of your trip.

Synchronize this app with your iOS cloud and work off your Macbook directly to your iPhone or iPad.

  •  Viber


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When going on a trip abroad, Skype is the next best thing to make phone calls or send messages to your dear ones. However, most Skype plans come with a pre-paid monthly fee. Another alternative to Skype is Viber. You can easily make free calls and messages to friends and family, if you already have an account. This app does not need any additional charge for your phone plan cost. You can send multimedia texts to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

There are also other apps available. However, you need to surf the internet to find out which app you need the most. Make your travel fun and interesting with travelling apps. Trust me; travelling apps are the most accurate information providers you will ever come across.

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