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3 Most Recommended Theme Parks Near Bangalore: Have Fun With Family And Kids

If you are searching for some hot places to visit near Bangalore, then there are a few theme parks which you can check out. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, has quite a few sassy parks lined up in its vicinity. These are heavily visited by locals and tourists alike and are also quite reasonably priced. Whether you are looking for a weekday holiday or a weekend break, you can always head over to one of these parks and spend a whole day amidst fun and fiesta. However, in case you require more breathing space and fewer crowds, then try visiting them during a non-holiday weekday.


Here are the 3 most recommended theme parks near Bangalore:

Wonder La: Wonder La, without a doubt, is the best amusement park around Bangalore. It is counted amongst the best theme parks in India and can enchant you with its near-50 joyrides. Apart from the usual dry rides, it also has a huge gamut of water rides and slides which would sweep you off your feet. The ‘Disco Rain’ is a special attraction and one of the favorites of the young crowd. The park also has 9 rides designed exclusively for kids. Wonder La is conveniently located at a distance of 30 km from the city and its entry tickets are priced at Rs 590 (for adults) and Rs 460 (for kids). The prices go up to Rs 730 (for adults) and Rs 540 (for kids) on weekends and holidays.

Timings: 11am- 6pm (on weekdays), 11am-7pm (on weekends and holidays)

Neeladri Amusement Park: One of the favorite places of Bangalore’s local kids, the park lies just on the outskirts of Bangalore at a manageable distance of around 20 km. It is amongst the oldest and most reputed amusement parks in the city and offers both dry rides and wet rides. All the popular rides including water chute, bumping cars and Zyclone are present in this park. The park also has food corners where one can dig into delicious meals, snacks, desserts or ice creams.

Timings: 11am- 6pm (on weekdays), 11am-7pm (on weekends and holidays)

GRS Fantasy Park: GRS Fantasy Park is a modern day innovative theme park which is amongst the best places to visit near Bangalore. It is situated in the town of Mysore and can be reached from the garden city in a few hours. It has all the usual rides which any theme park is expected to have. In addition, it also houses some innovative and exclusive rides like the Jungle Safari or the Giant Pendulum slide. There are many facilities which the park offers to its visitors. There are good eating outlets and the toilets are clean and usable. Basic necessities like drinking water and telephone booth are also present, making this place one of the most well-managed parks in the state. In addition, it also has a gift store which houses toys and other items.

Timings: 10.30 am- 6 pm (all 7 days of the week).

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