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6 Adventurous Activities to Do in Morocco

6 Adventurous Activities to Do in Morocco

Morocco is the perfect gateway to outdoor adventurers. From surfing beaches to the rugged Atlas Mountains, the infinite Sahara Desert to the dense green forests, Morocco is a country packed with spectacular delights.

You can enjoy every kind of outdoor activities including skiing, rock climbing, horse riding, sand boarding, kite surfing, trekking, and hiking in Morocco. For those who prefer to enjoy the country’s landscapes and pre-historic cultural value, don’t forget to schedule a stay at Marrakesh – one of the best cities to visit in the world.

  1. Rock Climbing in Todra Gorge – You must have heard about Todra Gorge in books, it is one of the ideal rock climbing spots in Morocco. Todra Gorge is basically a deep limestone trench which divides the Sahara and the High Atlas. The walls of this trench reflect red and orange in the shafts of sunlight. The best time for climbing the cliff is in summers (May-June). If you are a beginner, Kilimanjaro and the Petit Gorge are highly recommended for you. For those with big biceps and experience, can go for the Gullich’s tiered walls.
  2. Hiking in the Rif Mountains – How can you miss hiking in Morocco? This North-African gem has got the best-hiking destinations on its surface. Plan short hiking to the Rif Mountains through dense forests in the Talassemtane National Park. Here, the slopes are covered with Mediterranean herbs and cultivated cannabis. Move your trek through the Chefchaouen – The Bluewashed mountain village where the Berbers live. Enjoy a peaceful sit in the sunshine and experience the warm welcome of the Locals.

  3. Camel Trekking in Erg ChigagaMorocco Tourism is highly popular for its deserts and sand dunes. Every year travellers from different corners of the world visit Morocco to witness the infinite deserts heading to nowhere. Plan for a 5-day trek across the Hammada on the back of a camel. Generally, the camel trekking starts from southern Oasis of M’Hamid and goes up to Erg Chigaga. The nights are very mesmerising in the deserts. Enjoy a peaceful sleep under the dark and starry sky. Travellers often feel like, they have journeyed a bit closer to heaven.
  4. Skiing in the Central High Atlas – Morocco is the home to many ski slopes throughout the Central and High Atlas Mountains. The best backcountry skiing is on Jebel Azourki. It is one of the sacred mountains for the local tribes and is completely covered with snow and precipitations. Remember, you will find no services here, except the hospitable cups of mint tea. Distance yourself from the crowd and experience adventurous skiing in the Central High Atlas.
  5. Mountain Biking down the Draa Valley – The Draa Valley sits with the sands and red rocks of the mountains ranging to the Sahara. The valley also includes luscious green palm trees with a river running through its centre. No doubt, it is difficult to ride through the Draa Valley, but the rewards are huge. You will enjoy the scenic view of the valley when you will ride along the river on one side and desert on another side.
  6. Kayaking in the Ahansal Valley – Ahansal Valley lies in the Central High Atlas above 1800m from the sea level. This place includes skinny slot canyons, rock buttresses, and Granite cliffs. In the springs, the river continuously flows from the Bin el-Ouidane dam and ensures a perfect natural habitat in the valley. For kayaking activities, Ahansal Valley is the best place in the Central Atlas. Swimming in the lake, watching monkeys sitting on the trees, and listening to chirping sounds of the birds will definitely make your day.

There is no place like Morocco, where you can enjoy all of these adventures. Make no delay in planning your next adventurous trip to Morocco. Do a good research and learn necessary tips for your Morocco travel.

It is for sure you will love the adventurous hiking in Morocco. There may be a number of destinations to which you can head, but Morocco is something unique and different.


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