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6 Unusual Places to Visit in India

Do you know India has a unique geological formation for adventure seeking travelers? India is truly an amazing country with various climatic conditions that are blended with diverse flora and fauna. It is also known as the cradle of Indus Valley civilization and famous for its cultural wealth and heritage that run back during the prehistoric times. Even on business trip one can unravel the mysteries and unusual attractions.

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Here is a list of some unusual attractions for a freaky traveler so book cheap ticket to India.

Spiti Valley: It is approximately 412 Km from Shimla and is basically a desert mountain valley which truly qualifies for heaven on earth. It is distinct from the Kulu Valley by the Rohtang Pass. Spiti means ‘the middle country’ is known for beautiful snow capped mountains that truly reach the clear deep blue sky and the breathtaking Spiti River. Remember that getting there is for weak hearted people because you need to muster enough courage to be on this ‘paradise on earth’. For this you need to book cheap flights to India.

Balancing Rock: This is only 60 KM from Chennai in Mahabalipuram and is often referred to as Krishna’s Butter Ball which is a huge boulder that rests on a narrow rock base. This rock is perched so precariously on a small area that you will not feel like standing in front of it. This is a perfect place for shutterbugs on Holiday tour.

Tiffin Top: It is also known as Dorothy’s seat and this Tiffin Top is approximately 4 Kms from Nainital. You can reach here through Ayarpatta, Bara Pather, Sherwood College and Lands End. The travelers can walk up here for a thrilling experience but there are also options for pony ride from Bara Pather. Right in close proximity to the Tiffany Top is another unique attraction which is the Deodar copse. Once you reach here you will be amazed to view the incredible view of snow capped Himalayas and Nainital during holidays to India.

Sam Sand Dunes: It is located on the outskirts of Jaiselmer and the best place to be away from the maddening crowd. You will find the ‘Great Thar desert’ at Sam. Here there is vast stretch of sand dunes for miles which makes it a lovely point to view sunrise and sunset. An overnight stay is high recommendable here.

Nagphani or Duke’s Nose: It is a cliff at Khandala in close proximity to Lonavala. The cliff bears a close resemblance to a snake’s head and hence it has been named as Nagphani. There is also a small shrine at the top as it gives spectacular view of Mumbai-Pune Road and rail corridors as well breathtaking views of Khandala and the neighboring Sahyadri peaks while taking a trip to India.

Lonar Crater: It is regarded as the largest impact crater in basalt rock in the world. Some 50,000 years ago, a 2 million-ton meteorite hit the earth that create a huge space which was approximately 1.83 kilometers in diameter and 150 meters deep that lies in saline soda lake. You will be taken back by its awesome flora and fauna. This crater is an abode for hundreds of Indians as well as various species of migrant birds.

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