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Experiencing KALIMPONG the WINDSONGS Way – Visual Walk through

A visit to Kalimpong – Visual Walk through

Kalimpong is a small hill station situated in the northern part of Darjeeling district in West Bengal. This town is beautifully blessed with some of the most breath-taking mountains, gardens and lakes and is often regarded as a paradise for nature lovers. From unlimited adventure options, to mesmerizing views of the mountains with delicious local food, historical temples and monasteries, Kalimpong offers many tourist spots for the visitors. A significant number of tourists also visit this town, for its mouth-watering Chinese food and local merchandise, which are available on road side shops all over the city. It is often said that every building or monument of Kalimpong has got an interesting story attached with it and is backed with a rich history and culture.

Travel Paparazzi ABHISHEK GANGULI describes his short blissful stay at Kalimpong –

Experiencing KALIMPONG the WINDSONGS Way

At a 4000 ft plus elevation we were in the beautiful Kalimpong…. an east Indian hill town in the Himalayan foothills of West Bengal…. home to colonial-era buildings….a breeding ground of exotic flora species…and also a destination poet Rabindranath Tagore used to love for his creative explorations…. truly a location “ where the mind is without fear” !

The bay window of our Cottage 2 ….was our window to a world of hope..happiness…. and all in the best of modern comforts and facilities in a very unique homestay…. the WindSongs Resort.

Run by the enterprising Pradhan Family….famed in Kalimpong as Universal Nursery…..known for their horticultural farms and projects for nearly nine Decades… WindSongs…..nature’s bliss could not be experienced better…. ….amidst sprawling organic farms hubbed in green houses…..a spectacular view to die for…..and impeccable service which always is laced with a smile!

Rewind…rejoice…rejuvenate amidst mother nature…..let the Himalayan mountains…the infinite sky…the incessant flow of lifeline Teesta be your constant companion……communicate with Nature’s elements…… Enjoy farm fresh fruits and vegetables….relax and bask in your “me time”!

Feel and soak into nature’s colours, hues, heals and happiness…. When it rains…. Windsongs moments are memorable….romantic….and seeped in nostalgia. When the sun shines….this is where you experience the magnificence of the unexplored flora kingdom ….the shades…the vignettes…the natural vibgyor and its positive vibrance. Feel the nights….where darkness is heavenly with twilights…dusks and dawns …the limitless starstudded skyscapes!

Your stay is bound to be ever cherished at Wind Songs….where the Wind caresses and kisses you every moment….and the Song of Nature hums into your ears… all sweetness WindSongs… is your time to forget everything and immerse deep into all that is beautiful!!

A “Travel @ Beyond Horizons” presentation of Learning System Experienced, scripted, shot, narrated & directed by Travel Paparazzi ABHISHEK GANGULI.

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