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How About Milan – The City in Italy?


In a Dilemma about Milan

It took me three months to decide where I would live my new adventure: Milan or Montreal, the eternal question. I am from France but I have lived one year in Greece, several months in New York, and two years in Ottawa. When I was in Canada I met an Italian during a weekend in New York with whom I live now.  That’s how Milan has been my next destination. And I have to say that I don’t regret it. I have heard many good and bad things about this city before setting up.

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Milan Rumors are not really true!

For example, I have heard that Italians from Milan are really cold people, that won’t help you if they can and are really self-oriented. I have to say this rumors are not true! First of all, Milan is the city where you will find many expats from the rest of Italy or from outside. Like you they came one day in this new city looking for discovering new places, new friends, a new culture and sometime a new language. Then, Milan is part of Italy, were people speak with their hands, start a conversation while waiting to buy their bread, fight verbally against bad drivers, at the end they like to interact and express themselves.  Italians are proud yes, but always up to start a conversation!

 Milan – full of culture and fashion events!

I have always heard many people say that Milan is quiet boring and it is difficult to find places where you can just have a walk in the middle of the night. It is true that Milan is not that big. With around 1,400,000 habitants, the center is quite concentrated. For an industrial capital it can be a bit surprising the first time. Then, when you start knowing more the city, you will discover how Milan is full of nice places to eat, to listen live music from International and national musicians, to discover new artists, it is full of culture and fashion events as well. It is a big city but small enough to move from a point A to B, to interact easily with people, and to experiment different atmosphere.

Walking on the roof of Duomo – © Olivia Rutherford/Time Out

 Reaching Milan

One good other thing about Milan is that is in the center of the rest of Europe. In three hours drive you can be in France, in Switzerland, in Slovenia, in Austria, Croatia or Germany. This is my travel advice: at the end, for any kind of things in life you need to make your own opinion!


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