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Plan Your Trip to Havana

Havana, the capital city of Cuba, is amongst the fourteen provinces of the Republic of Cuba. Havana with its ample share of Tropical warmth and splendor revels in favorable weathers all round the year. It’s the city of sparkling mojitos and  the most aromatic cigars of the world. Much of the intoxication it contributes to the world hint just a bit about the city’s many exotic offerings.

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The city, brimming with the passions of the great poet Ernest Hemingway also know as ‘Papa‘ in Havana and the revolutionary Fidel Castro is rich in its culture, which is, quiet peculiarly locked up in the 1950s.
If you allow yourself to get drunk in its charm and look deeper around you, you may still behold the city of Hemingway with life and culture, as he would have once witnessed.
Havana with its balmy weather and many exquisite locales, have always been an explorers haven. Tourists from all round the globe were found buzzing about the city yearning to savor upon its many temptations. Though Tourism was under strict control for quite sometime, Havana is once again thriving and the streets are once again brought to life with the many a foreign travelers.

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What to See in Havana?

  • Museum of the Revolution and the Capitol Building. Visit the Partagas cigar factory just behind the Capitol Building
  • Havana Club Rum Factory
  • Walk along the Prado
  • Walk along El Malecón
  • La Habana Vieja (The Old Town),
  • Plaza de la Revolución
  • John Lennon Park in Vedado
  • The US Special Interests building in Vedado
  • Catedral de San Cristobal
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Castillo de la Real Fuerza

Planing for a Trip to Havana

The weather being favorable all year round, planning a trip to Havana is totally liberating. You are sure to find all the  spots crowded, so be prepare to wait in long ques almost everywhere.


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By plane
Jose Marti International Airport (IATA: HAV) has three separate terminals. Terminal 1 is for internal (domestic) flights, Terminal 2 is mainly for charter flights from the USA and Terminal 3 is used for all other international flights.
Customs officials and immigration officials also work slowly and baggage reclaim is very slow, so expect a very long wait when entering the country.”
By train
Most trains in eastern Cuba have been suspended due to poor track conditions. Only the following trains were operating to Havana in September 2007. All services run on alternate days only.
By car
Hiring a car in Cuba will cost you from 33 to 106CUC per day. Taking into account the all-around unreliability of Cuban transport, hiring a car can be the right choice for those who don’t want any hassle whatsoever. Picking up a hitchhiker can be the best way to arrive to your destination without getting lost.
By bus
Viazul operates an inter-city coach service to/from most major destinations including. If you are using the central bus terminal, you buy tickets and wait for the bus in a separate air-conditioned office near the west entrance of the terminal. Schedules are posted on the Viazul website.
Astro can get you from Havana to almost anywhere in Cuba.
By boat
Due to political circumstances, it is difficult to enter Cuba by sea. Visiting mariners need to make arrangements in advance of entering port to avoid difficulties. Also, most ports are closed to unauthorized visitors.”

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