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Avila, The Magnificent Walled City of Spain

Spain has seen a number of battle between different communities living in the country like Goths, Visigoths, Romans, Celts, Iberians, Muslims and Jews. No wonder the medieval age has seen the building of several fortified strongholds in different cities in the country. Most of the fortifications were built by the Romans, which later on got expanded by the Visigoths to protect the cities from the Arab invadors in the 8th century. This resulted in the building of some really spectacular stone works that are the visual treat for every onlooker. Avila is one of the most beautiful of the walled cities in Spain.


This city is loacated in an arid plainland of Spain, around 100km away from Madrid. Visitors to this country often do not have this beautiful historic city in their etenarary. But, the beautiful 2500m walled city area deserves a visit at least in the form of a day trip. A tour of the entire area makes the visitors feel that examples of the medieval architecture of Spain has got frozen and preserved. According to some of the historians, the walls date back to the Roman settlements from 11th century.

King Alfonso VI was the first ruler to order the fortification of the city of Castilla. The task was complete in nine years ( do not forget that 11th century Spain did not have the technological aids of today to do the task). Different parts of this wall are doubled as house walls of cathedrals and different other buildings. The apse of that cathedral is one among the 88 turrets of this wall. The place has been declared by UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites in 1985.

You have more reasons to enjoy a detour of Avila, provided you enjoy the authentic dishes from all around the world. You can splurge in the delectable cookies, biscuits, chocolates, sweets and cakes that the nuns of Santa Anathe Monastery and of the convent of Saint Clare make. You can go to Barco de Avila to buy some beans that are considered to be the best in Spain. They are great for a perfect dish of bean and chorizo stew. You can buy some souvenir of statues or images of St. Teresa or the catholic churches to take back some cherishing memory of a tour to the Mediterranean year magics in Europe.

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