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World's Most Bizarre Traveling Destinations

Bleeding falls or city built on the sea, all of them can be on your itinerary when you plan to visit the most bizarre destinations around the world. You might have traveled many of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. But, the devine experience of unravelling the mysteries of nature can only be enjoyed by travelling the most bizarre destinations of the world. Have a look at the 5 of such strange tourist destinations.

Neft Daslan, Azerbaijan:

This is a 30 mile road built on oil tankers placed in one line. Originally built as the road to a drilling platform of Caspian sea, this stretch soon started having houses, schools, bakeries, libraries and shops. This artificial town now has around 5,000 residents, cinema halls and a stretch of 124 miles of streets.

1 neft daslan

Door to Hell, Turkmenistan:

Geologists started drilling around the Karakuram Desert region in 1971. Suddenly their rig fell through the earth and got vanished inside a 300 foot wide cavern emitting natural gas methane constantly. They thought burning the entire stock of methane in that cavern will be safe as it would check it from seeping it into the nearest village. They lit the gas in expectation of the fire lasting a few weeks. The flames are still there after more than 40 years of it being lit. The locals call it the door to hell as at night, the scene resembles the brimstone and fire mentioned in Bible.


The Boneyard, Arizona:

The way dead people have graveyards to rest in peace after death, fighter jets go to the Boneyard. This place near Arizona has around 3,000 military air-crafts that are not in use anymore. Some of them (that are older than 60 years) are being dismantled to get spare parts retrieved from them recycled.

Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania:

This is a 30 mile wide structure consisting of multiple concentric rings in Ouadane, Mauritania. Though the structure looks more like a fresco etched on the ground by aliens. Truth is, natural erosion of sedimentary rocks has created this structure resembling a pond got frozen right after a pebble was thrown into it to create concentric ripples.

Blood Falls, Antarctica:

The Victoria Land at the south of New Zealand welcomes the travelers with a gory landscape of the region. The white surface of the 35 miles long Taylor Glacier gets dyed with a crimson hue. There are sulfur-eating bacteria dwelling in underground lakes, underneath the glaciers. Their scarlet red excretion of iron-oxide paint the glaciers in red.

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