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Discover the wonderful beaches of Riviera Maya

Few coastlines are as beautiful as the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The white sand Riviera Maya beaches stretch for miles, offering seemingly endless distances to walk and enjoy the cool ocean breeze and sunshine. Crystal clear blue waters lap the shores, and calm beach breaks create a swimmable lagoon. Snorkel, windsurf, sea kayak, or simply wade in the warm welcoming waters of the Riviera Maya beaches.

The Riviera Maya stretches from the Northern city of Puerto Morelos to the Southern city of Tulum. Along the calm waters find luxury all-inclusive beach resorts, cultural historical tours, Mayan ruins, fine dining, and plenty of fun.

The beaches of the Riviera Maya, near Puerto Morelos, are pristine and wonderfully located near the city itself. The location is ideal for heading into town for a margarita and guacamole after a long day in the sun and sand. Off the coast, find one of Mexico’s most treasured natural wonders; a world-class reef with plenty of coral to explore either diving or skin-diving.


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A bit further south, you will find the tucked away haven of Maroma beach. Maroma provides a quiet and peaceful place for long walks, cool swims, and plenty of relaxation. Tuck your feet into the white sand, and breathe in the ocean air. With less crowds and more space, this Riviera Maya gem provides natural beauty and clear waters.

Continue on, past bustling Cancun, and discover idyllic Playa del Carmen. Full of great shopping, restaurants, and bars, the city offers an exciting life with long stretches of Riviera Maya coastline running alongside. Wind your way through the charming city streets to the perfect beachfront for a day of fun in the sun.

One of the most beautiful stretches of Riviera Maya beach can be found in Akumal. The picturesque area is protected, due to its important role in the laying and hatching of turtle eggs, keeping it natural and untouched. The protected beaches are worth a visit, as are the offshore reefs. Watch baby turtles hatch, or swim along the coral with their parents for an underwater adventure.

For history buffs ,who also enjoy white sand beaches, Tulum provides an ideal combination of both history and beauty. Spend the morning walking along Mayan ruins, and later check out the near by beaches. Visit the Temple of the Descending God, or walk along the large walls surrounding the entire structure. After touring, cool off with a dip in one of the Riviera Maya’s most gorgeous beaches, under the ancient temples.

The entire coastline of the Riviera Maya offers cultural highlights, natural highlights, and fun activities. The breathtaking expansive white sand beaches, and crystal clear blue waters, continue throughout the entire area – making it a beach lover’s paradise.

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