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Paris – Cultural Capital of the World

Paris, renowned worldwide for its culture of sophistication, art, food, fashion and amongst a whole plethora of other things… love, it is a city not to be missed! Basking in rich history, its architecture reflects the importance of aesthetic pleasures as the city is dotted with outstanding statues and works of art. Today, the city is one of the world’s leading business and cultural hubs – entertainment, music, media, fashion and arts all come together to contribute to its status as one of the world’s major global cities and an art lover’s playground.
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A visit to Paris allows you not only to immerse yourself in Parisian culture and style but also to enjoy some more modern delights – from modern art to culinary delights. Paris is ideal for city breaks and long weekends – but it will leave you wanting for more! If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Paris, then here are a few of the cultural must-see attractions to create a fun filled day in this city.

Start the day with a visit to perhaps the most famous and certainly the largest museum in Paris – The Louvre. Be sure to grab a coffee and a croissant on the way from an independent cafe or patisserie. These cafes serve as meeting grounds for locals, offering a relaxing start to the day and allowing tourists to refuel for a long day of sightseeing. A traditional Croissant from Paris will far exceed any other foreign imitation!

You will soon discover the Louvre is a landmark of the city and one of the most poignant tourist attractions, located ideally on the right bank of the Seine, the famous river the flows through the city. The gallery displays some of the world’s most famous works of art; get there early in a bid to avoid the large crowds.

The work of art the Louvre is most famous for is, of course, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Even though the painting is one of the smallest, it has evoked much controversy and scandal in its lifetime. It was famously stolen in 1911 by a former employee of the gallery who believed the painting belonged to Italy. For 2 years, the most famous painting in the world was thought lost before police apprehended the thief and it was returned safely to Paris. Given the painting’s rich history and iconic imagery, it is an artistic delight one should never miss when in Paris.

Another particular highlight at the Louvre are the Louvre Pyramids – large glass and metal-build pyramids in the main courtyard of the palace, they provide a contrast to the brick-built historical museum serving to make it a modernist landmark of the city.

Unfortunately due to this tourist attraction luring affluent tourists from all over the world, pick pockets see this as an opportunity to target the Louvre, and it has been reported especially this year that their tactics have become ever more violent. But don’t let this put you off, just ensure you remain street-wise in all tourist areas.

Trawling around the Louvre for one morning is enough to build up a sizable appetite and you are sure to get spoilt with the choice for eating options in this city which offer the traditional culinary delights. From modern and wholesome street foods to Michelin start restaurants, the city has it all. And anyone who wants to experience a truly French quinine should of course go in search of snails!

Getting around in Paris is simple. The metro enables you to get around the city swiftly but walking allows you to experience the beautiful streets and Parisian culture. A short metro trip away from the Louvre is the Eiffel Tower. The tower stands proud in the centre of the city and is not only a French icon but a global one, highly recognizable in whatever country you are in. From the observation platforms you can see for miles a truly inspirational and motivational view, well worth the climb of the stairs and the often-considered expensive ticket prices!

When the sun goes down and your feet are tired from looking around the city, the ideal treat is to go and watch a show. And the most famous show in Paris has to be the Moulin Rouge. A world famous risqué cabaret show that has been delighting audiences in Paris since 1900, the show and the venue itself are first class with impressive spectacles not to be missed.

Experiencing Paris is a truly unforgettable one. From the art galleries and museums to the shops and restaurants, it has earned its title as the Cultural Capital of the World. The list of great attractions in Paris goes on and on and it would be a shame to miss such poignant attractions such as Notre Dame, Montmatre and Versailles! I would urge anyone to take a trip to this beautiful city and experience what is has to offer first hand.

Author Bio: Emilie Whitmore is a Marketing Assistant and Blogger at Cube Fine Art Services a trusted name in the fine art handling, transportation and storage industry.

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