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The Top 5 Must Visit Places in Japan

Japan is one of the world’s most beautiful and dynamic countries. There are many cities in Japan where architectural wonders, natural beauty, and urban appeal are offered. In fact, all types of travelers manage to find something appealing in Japan and there is something awe-inspiring about each of its islands. While fitting all the wonders of Japan into a single trip would be difficult, there are some places in Japan that travelers must visit at least once in their lifetime.

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Kyoto is the seventh largest city in Central Japan and is a very popular tourist destination. There are many beautiful castles, shrines and temples in the city. Deciding what to see first when visiting Kyoto can be tricky. The Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion lies in northern Kyoto, while the unfathomably beautiful gold covered Zen temple sits in the center of beautiful Zen gardens, hot springs and parks. The romantic Kiyomizudera site, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site and the Sanjusangendo Temple are located in Eastern Kyoto

Nikko, the center of Buddhist and Shinto worship in the country, is located in Japan’s Kanto province near Tokyo. The presence of the Toshugo shrine, which is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in the world, has made Nikko a popular tourist destination. The lavish decorations of the Toshugo shrine set it apart from other similar shrines that have minimalist designs. The entrance to Nikko National Park, which is known for its beautiful mountains and waterfalls, can also be found in the city of Nikko.

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji is not the most iconic natural beauty site in Japan; it is also a popular vacation site for both international and local tourists. Castles, hot springs and many ski resorts can be found in the mountainous Chubu region, but one of the area’s most popular travel destinations is the Fuji Five Lakes resort. There is also an amusement park nearby that is home to one of the highest roller coasters in the world, while thrill seekers are also drawn to the Fujikyu Highlands.

This southernmost prefecture in Japan is a favorite vacation destination among international tourists and locals because of its tropical weather that is usually always above 65 degrees, even during summer. There is a series of dozens of small islands in the Okinawa district. Culturally, Okinawa is quite distinct because of how close it is to Taiwan, and tourists come to experience its unique art, culture and food. A particular favorite among the tourists are the Iriomote Islands and the Yaeyama Islands.

Rebun and Rishiri Islands
Hokkaido is the least developed of four major islands in Japan. There are quite a national parks on the island as a result of which the area’s natural beauty has been preserved, and it has become a favorite travel destination for tourists who are fond of nature. Rebun and Rishiri are among the most beautiful coastal paradises and natural parks in Japan. Since there is beautiful coastal scenery, hiking trails and superb mountains, the area gets crowded with campers, cyclists and hikers during the summer.

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Whenever people travel to Japan, their expectations always tend to skyrocket. One advantage of visiting Japan is that foreigners can drive on the roads as well, for instance, tourists from the UK may call the DVLA number and apply for an International Driving Permits. Driving by road can make it more convenient for international tourists to visit the above places in Japan.

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