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Three Best Tourist Spots You Should Visit in Europe During the Summers

The parameters to be considered for calling a tourist destination ‘Best’ can include a gammot of different points. It can be the food or wine that impress you or the sun kissed beaches that allure you more for spending a laid back summer day. In certain cases, nothing but the warmth of local people make you feel like visiting the place again and again. We can suggest three places that have a number of reasons to enthrall you and allure you to visit them.


Malta: This small island country on the Mediterranean Sea attracts tourists from all over the world, with the remains of its rich history and tradition. The beautiful cathedrals and some of the finest examples of architecture have enough to impress tourists from all over the world. The hospitable group of local people makes sure that you feel like staying here for a few more days. This is one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Visit all three islands of the Maltese archipelago, viz. Gozo, Malta and Comino. Gozo is famous for its rock window of Dwejra, while Comino impresses the visitors with its beautiful Blue Lagoon.


Mallorca in Spain: If sangria and paella are two words that come to your mind as soon as we spell ‘Spain’, then Mallorca is one place you should keep in the itenerary of a your summar tour. Mallorca is perched like a beautiful bird between Minorca and Ibiza. During your stay in this island, you should visit the beautiful village of Valldemosa, popular for the captivating natural beauty of this place. Lighthouse and Cap de Formentor also have the captivating beauty to have an intoxicating effect on the tourists touring Spain. The turquoise blue water of the sea, impeccably bright beaches, beautiful architectures or several shopping destinations are there to keep you busy during the tour.


Dubrovnik in Croatia: The temperate climate of this city on the Adriatic coast makes it very rejuvenating to splurge in sun bathing and enjoying the warmth of clear blue water of its ocean. This place is a paradise for the sea-food lovers who can dig in mussels, oysters and fish in abundance. The geographical position of this coastal city makes it easy to visit all the neighboring islands of Bosnia, Montenegro, Herzegovina or Italy.

There are several places to be in Europe during summer. It can be anything like, fun, food or favorable weather for which you would like to be in these summer destinations in Europe. No matter what interests you more, your trip of these places are surely going to be extremely cherishing.

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