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Three Must Visit Places in Your Itinerary to India

India, the largest country and the biggest economy in the Indian subcontinent, is indeed a wonderful place to be in. It has a lot to offer those who like traveling to a place with cultural diversity and colonial history.

Visiting India can be a wonderful experience and this incredible country has so much to offer. It might be difficult for one to decide exactly where to visit India to get a real flavor of the country. Here are some places that you must not give a miss while planning to visit India.

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Starting with the capital is a good idea. In a way it is easy to start from India as there are many international airlines flying to Delhi and it is not a big task to arrange tickets for flights to this place. This place also has the modern cosmopolitan aspects of a big city with modern buildings and bustling city life. One can find a touch of traditional elements in the city too. There are many colonial buildings, restored to their former glory, are now standing in pride next to the modern buildings.

Visiting Taj Mahal is a must for most of the first timers visiting India. It is quite easy to make a day trip to visit Agra and see the city and the Taj Mahal. This spectacular tomb which was entirely built of white marbles was dedicated to Mumtaz by the emperor Shah Jahan.

Rishikesh, the yoga capital
If want to know more about India and see real India, there are many places to visit. Rishikesh is a place you can start your journey of spirituality from. It is the principal yoga destination of India. Being located in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains, it has the clam and beautiful surroundings that is totally suitable for yoga and meditation. There are many types of yoga teachers in Rishikesh area, including the teachers who can introduce you to yoga and the benefits of it. There are other teachers who would accept students only with some basic idea of yoga. So, if you are a traveler and just want to touch the surface of yoga and see if it suits you, it is best to meet a yoga teacher who would teach you the basics of yoga.

Each year, on the first week of February, the annual International Yoga Week is observed in this town. Visiting this area during the international yoga week also is a really good idea. But you have to be enough proactive for doing all the bookings in advance if you are keen on visiting Rishikesh during this event as it can be difficult to make any reservations at the last moment.

Being sandwiched in between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats Mountain range, this is a state that is enriched with various natural wonders. Rolling plantations, paddy fields, lush hill stations and exotic wildlife make this place stand out among the other states in India.

One unique factor about the state of Kerala is that it is one of the very few states in India that had never been under the control of the British rulers. Even during the British colonization, the kings of Kerala managed to govern the state by themselves. Hence, even now Kerala is rich in cultural heritage and many cultural aspects of the society are well preserved.

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