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Foods to Try on Your Fiji Luxury Vacation

Fiji Luxury Vacation – Foods to try!

There are many amazing aspects of a luxury vacation: the ocean, the beautiful resort room, the accommodating staff, and for some people . . .the incredible food. Fiji draws inspiration from the sea, the land, and many surrounding countries. Typically involved are spices, fresh fish, vegetables, herbs, and a lot of coconuts.

Fiji Luxury Vacation

When you go to Raiwasa Grand Villa for your Fiji Luxury Vacation, food will be a highlight for you to experience. Here are some must-try foods on your Fiji Luxury Vacation.


Kava is actually a beverage that also comes with an experience. There are many ceremonies that surround the drink of Kava, and if you are lucky you will get to experience one while in Fiji.


Kava root is ground into a powder and mixed with water, this is strained and then drank. Kava will give you a tingling and numbing sensation in your throat, mouth, and on your tongue. The main purpose is to open your sense, reduce anxiety, and feel relaxed.


This is a dish very similar to ceviche found in Latin America. Typically it is made with seafood such as raw fish which is cooked by being marinated in lime and lemon juice. Next, onions, tomatoes, spicy chilies, and herbs are added.


Finally, the difference between the kokoda in Fiji and ceviche in Latin America is one specific ingredient . . . coconut. This is a refreshing and must-try dish for any seafood or ceviche lover.


This dish is composed of dalo or taro leaves. It actually tastes similar to creamed spinach but is made without any dairy product. One famous dish made with rourou is called rourou peti. This is where the leaves of rourou are stuffed with a mixture of onion, chili, coconut milk and tuna. This may sound like an odd combination but it is very tasty and quite healthy.


Lovo is actually a style of cooking that is similar to the imu in a Hawaiian luau, or a hangi in New Zealand. The lovo is created by making a hole in the ground, heating rocks, and throwing them into the hole.


Typically meat, fish, or pork are cooked in a lovo. They may be wrapped in banana leaves or marinated before being placed in the lovo to cook. Vegetables such as toro, rourou, cassava, and yams may also be placed in the lovo. After all the food is placed into the underground oven, it is covered with dirt and will need to cook for a few hours.

Lolo Buns

If you enjoy bread of any kind, then lolo buns will blow your mind. These buns are made from coconut and taste incredible when fresh out of the oven.


Due to the coconut they are somewhat sweet, and locals love to eat them with breakfast, but also dinner. You may have tasted something similar in Hawaiian culture called pani popo.

Cassava Cake

Cassava is a root vegetable that is known in other parts of the world as tapioca. This cake is made from cassava flour. This bread has a sticky consistency and is typically eaten with butter, jam, or fruits.

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